So, due to faith//luck//whatever I have some decent classic items


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So, due to faith//luck//whatever I have some decent classic items

What to do with them?

Angelics set
Goblin toes
Tower shield 30/20/17prisma , other stats
1 sorc, 17% mf amu
gloves : 14str/str/ other stats inc ll%
Boots: 30FRW//5 dex// lotsa res
Spectral Shard
Bow 600 poison dam (wierd?)
ALOT of pgems
Another angelic set
Gull Dagger
a few 30% nagels
Helm 3x Ruby, 118 life
Prisma amulets

What could I do with this in classic? :)


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what exactly are you asking? you could build chars, trade, them, sell them, or drop them in a game with noobs.

I'm guessing you don't play classic?

the angellics with bsnap (if decent ED one) can be used to make a capable flayer/mf baba.

tower shield is trash - too heavy for anyone that would need the mods

sorc ammy is also charsi food unless it's priz

bow is probably 6 p emes? you don't mention what type of bow, but generally it's still going to be worthless

p gems aren't tradeable for much of anything on classic

gull = silk = gskin. combine multiple gulls for decent rares. 3x p ruby helm isn't worth didly

neither generally are priz ammys, unless skills as well. I have an ammy that'd be GG extreme if it were skill ammy

20 priz, 50 FR 4x CR +life and 25 mf. people laugh at it in the trade window cause of no skill added. *Shrug*


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I meant, I dont play classic, but i'd like to :)

SO with this at my disposal, what could I do//build with it?