So, do Cheese and Bone go well together?


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So, do Cheese and Bone go well together?

Apparently they do :)

To continue posting my Pats/Mats I present Patriarch Christopher_C(arrion) teh Cheesemancer:

Statpoints (base):

Str - 100
Dex - 50 (thought I'd need them for Ali Baba)
Vit - 320
Nrg - 50 (just for convenience)

Skillpoints (base):


Skeleton Mastery 20
Raise Skeleton 20
Clay Golem 1
Golem Mastery 1
Summon Resist 1

Poison & Bone

Bone Spear 20
Bone Spirit 20
Corpse Explosion 7
Bone Armor 1 (Absorbs 700)
(Teeth & Bone Wall 1)


Amplify Damage 1
Decrepify 1
(Terror & Weaken 1)

Secksy Equipment:

Shako (ptopaz)
Skullder's (ptopaz)
Goldwrap (upped)
Chance Guard

Boneflame (pdiamond)

Orcher Ring of Fortune (17% li res & 25% mf)

Ali Baba (2x mf j00l) and Rhyme on switch

Total mf is 420% and 547% on switch

And, the most (cheesy/) important piece of equipment:

Boneweave Boots

Defense: 197
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Strength: 118
Required Level: 66
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x517eb90d
+20 to Strength
+17 to Dexterity
+190% Enhanced Defense
Regenerate Mana 10%
Heal Stamina Plus 10%
20% Faster Run/Walk
+2 to Skeleton Mastery (Necromancer Only)
Half Freeze Duration
Level 33 Bone Prison (13/13 Charges)
Level 12 Life Tap (10/10 Charges)

+ Gheed's, 2x Shimmering GC (15%), 1 PnB skiller + mf/resist SCs

Might Merc used Hone Sundan (ShaelShaelAmn), upped Shaft & eth Rockstopper.

CC has been doing p1 Baal runs since 80. It's fun now that his CE has better range. Bone Spear doesn't do that much damage but it's nice to spam 'til there's a corpse. Then it's all about CECECE. Of course BS helps with unbreakable PIs (not that there are many of them but still). Then why such a hybrid? Well, I didn't know where to put the left over points :D
Nice build, with some good MF gear on there. I dont like cheese, espeically soft cheese. although some cheese on a pizza is acceptable.


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Toppo said:
Of course BS helps with unbreakable PIs (not that there are many of them but still).

is bone not considered physical damage? for some reason I thought it was.


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Nice job.

Lacks FCR, though. Must be pumpin out bone spells reaaaaaaaally slow. :p

(Not that it matters with an army of skeletons)


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hoorah for the second best class, cheese :D
hmmm cheese + toppo = topping?

congrats on the pat:drink: