Smoke or Lionheart. Suggestions?


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Smoke or Lionheart. Suggestions?



+75% Enhanced Defense
+280 Defense Vs. Missile
All Resistances +50
20% Faster Hit Recovery
Level 6 Weaken (18 Charges)
+10 To Energy
-1 To Light Radius


+20% Enhanced Damage
Requirements -15%
+25 To Strength
+10 To Energy
+20 To Vitality
+15 To Dexterity
+50 To Life
All Resistances +30

My build: PvM: Hybrid: Javelin and Spear: Clvl 55: Doing A4 Nightmare.

Merc: Act 2 Defense Defiance hired in Normal.


Pierce- 5-10
Valk- 5 (going up now until slvl 15 base)
Passives- Remaining one point each.
Jav/Spear - Remaining one point each.


LF crowds with javelin.
CS and leech back mana/life against small groups with spear.

My actual question:

Considering my build (melee to leech and against future LI's), and the huge AR monsters have making defense matter now, and that my priority is not necessarily killing speed but staying alive at later levels (85+); which of the two armors would you choose?

As I see it. Both have thier pros and cons:

Lionheart pros: awesome stats bonuses. HUGE life bonus. Good resists. ED.
Lionheart cons: No defense bonus. No FHR.

Smoke pros: HUGE resists. Defense bonus. FHR.
Smoke cons: No substantial stats bonuses. No ED. No life bonus.

For example. I have a 447defense socketed Wyrmhide. If I make Smoke the defense will rise up to +800 more or less with 50% resist all.

If I make Lionheart defense will remain the same but with a huge bonus to life and other bonuses.

Does those 400+ in defense will actually make a difference or would you ignore defense and go with Lionheart?

Thanks for replies.


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Id go with LH, the added str and dex will allow you to keep a lower base allowing you pump more point into vit. jusy my opinion.

Tonto Kowalski

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Well, I have both in use by amazons. My Javazon is using Smoke and my Bowazon is using Lionheart. I like the huge resistence bonus better for my Javazon, since I also go into melee combat with her. My Bowazon obviously doesn't go for melee combat, so I gave her Lionheart. But, then, there is no 100% right answer, it all depends on your style of playing.


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I see. Lionheart makes perfect sense for a bowazon. It's just a great piece of armor for her.

But since I will be doing a bit of melee, the doubt came to me.

I think I will go with Smoke.

Not really because of the 20% added resistance but because of the defensive improvement and the FHR. Adding to that, that I am using a defiance merc I think the added defense is a reasonable decision.

Thanks for replies. If others have additional pointers/suggestions please post them. I can use every bit of information before making the final decision.