Smiting Hammerdin switch??


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Smiting Hammerdin switch??

Has anyone used Last Wish PB + ethExile Pally Shield + smite + Conc as your switch set-up for a hammerdin??

I need to take down Baal a little faster and this set-up would bring him down to a "hammerable" level.

I could also use my hammer to tele to the Uber bosses and then switch to smite/CB kill them.

My pally is a key runner and Baal runner mainly


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Always felt weird about hammer/smite combo, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. That setup smite should kill Baal way faster than 20k hammers.

I would say use cta / spirit as your hammerhand, so you can still hammer with high fcr and still bo.


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ya, my vanquisher (hammer/smiter) used the following setup

+2pally/20fcr/20fhr +mods tiara
nigma mp
main= grief/spirit 35
switch= cta/spirit
soj/bk/fcr ring (depending if i was facing windys/sorcs/bone necros for 125fcr)

i found that in pvp, switching at the wrong time could lead to instant death. so i just kept my grief out while i hammered. i only switched to bo. you have to use spirit instead of HoZ to reach the break points. other wise it is near impossible without fcr ammy/rings/helm/belt/gloves. basically uber *** gear.

a greif pb is deceptive in pvp, because it may appear to be a dual spirit build to opponents. then when they try to tele on top of you, switch to smite for 2 hit KO. i also suggest 1 pt fanat, to reach the fastest smite attack rate.


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Well I tried it and it rocks vs Uber Izzy, Duriel and Andy. I tele, switch to LW/Exile, smite them down and then switch back to hammer. Now I can collect key and harvest organs.

Next stop will be to try the Uber 3 but really no need now as Org set are 2 hrs these days.