Smiter vs. Windy and BvC


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Smiter vs. Windy and BvC

What are your strats when dueling a windy or BvC? I cant seem to kill any decent windy or bvc. I'm a tele smiter and people only tell me to use teleport for bvc but nothing after that. Could someone explain to me in detail on how to kill a windy or bvc. I know they are diffucult but I know it has high chance to win if you have a clue on what your suppose to do. Just some extra note, i use eth buged exile vortex, +400dmg grief pb, enigma ap, 39vit-15dr dungos, shako ber'd, 1 bk, 20dex raven, 6bo cta, waterwalk, dracul, maras, 18-20anni, 20-19 torch and rest are all 20 life sc.

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the basic telesmite technique should suffice for bvc.
I actually prefer getting zeal up to 5 swings so that when he starts whirling away *constantly* you can teleport right ahead of his path and shiftzeal.
That kinda works on *bad* elementals, too. Play sitting duck and wait to *suprise!* shift-zeal, then NL telesmite the.

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Zealot > BvC. I would say.

Don't tele smite until he's in place. But he'll let you follow him as he WWs....

I'd suggest just stay in place and Shift zeal or shift smite.

Phaseblade is A NO NO NOOOOOO when going against bvcs...use Grief ZERKERS, Range 3 vs Range 2. That's another reason why you can't beat them... use zerkers

Also try reach higher DR by using Berber Coa, and get 86% faster hit recovery, you need fhr when he's leaping at you. You should be able to win, you got a Eth bugged exile, damn you're rich...My friend's Smiter has around 30k Defence. Defence helps too.

Summary vs Windy/BvCs:
Play smart, stay in place vs BvCs, and then telesmite when you have chance(when he doesn't move, or uses widowmaker)
50%DR with BerBer Coa
86%FHR for getting away nado or leaping bvcs
Get good defence(pump holyshield and defiance?) when barbs trying to hit you
Use Grief ZERKERS, not phaseblades
Charge at windys when they are teleporting. You can leech off puppy dogs.
Don't charge when windy's are spamming, zig-zag charge around or just tele-smite in a blind spot where nado can't get a direct hit(nados are hard to aim)

I think this should helps. Well, I hope it does, good luck and say "gd" in every gm duels


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IMHO, it's hard for the smiter when you are using grief zerker for smiting and when the bvc had dual doom zerker on switch (for bo, that's what i use instead of wc weapon for my bvc also)to flash holy freeze to slow your smite down, and clip ww you. I would say tele smiting at the right time is almost a must to beat a decent bvc. But i think bvc will have the edge in this duel.

And a good windy is VERY hard for a pure smiter to duel against.


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If you want to beat very deadly barbs, I suggest that you Abuse HF + slows target by %. EU has a very nice belt which gives 20% pdr and other nice mods including slows target by 10%. On top of that I use clegs too, so I have whooping 35% slow from gear alone and then add HF on top. Just flash HF and when they are blue, tele in and smite, with fanaticism on. I use Exile btw.