Smiter setups

Smiter setups

Ive been asking many smiters for advice and came up with two setups

Ive never made a smiter before so that's why im posting this :wink3:

Anyway here are the 2 setups

Setup 1:

Weapon: Grief PB
Armor: Eni MP
Shield: Upped HoZ (Ber)
Helm: Shako (Ber)
Gloves: Upped Bloodfist
Belt: Verdungo
Boots: Waterwalk
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: Bul Kathos
Amulet: Mara's

Note for Setup 1:
Only thing about this setup i can think of is that Griefzerker is better vs barbs..

Setup 2:

Weapon: Grief BA
Armor: (Upped?) Shaftstop (15 ias/15 allres jewel)
Shield: Exile Sacred Targe (Low str req)
Helm: Shako (Cham)
Gloves: Dracul
Belt: Verdungo
Boots: Gore
Ring 1: Bul Kathos
Ring 2: Bul Kathos
Amulet: Highlord

Note for Setup 2:
I've read that Griefzerker has a better range for ww barbs but you need more ias for the smite bp. Im not sure how much ias so maybe I've to many or too less either one of those ;)

Please correct my setups because i'm sure they're not perfect ;)


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the two setups you posted are for two different things

setup 1 : pretty much allround but wont be that good vs smiters/barbs
setup 2 : lot better vs smiters/barbs because of the max dmg reduction, higher defence and higher life tap chance, but you wont need highlords in there, the deadly strike doesnt work on smite and with a good grief you dont need the extra ias so use a mara's instead

with that setup you'll then have 20 + 2 (shako) + 2 (bks) + 2 (maras) + 2 (exile) = lvl28 fana, which results in only needing 50ias to hit 6fpa smite with that grief ba
so basically you need a 35 ias grief and you're set speed :)

downside of second setup is res but you can "fix" that with res on charms or having a high res shield for whatever you're fighting


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Weapon: Grief PB w/ 40% ias
Armor: Dusk Shroud Enigma
Shield: Exile Sacred Targe w/ res
Helm: Ber Ber Coa
Gloves: Bloodfists
Belt: Verdungo
Boots: Treks
Ring 1: Ravenfrost
Ring 2: Bul Kathos
Amulet: Highlord
Charms: Anni/Torch/8 or 9 PCombat lifers/9 sc Res+Life


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for ubers has anyone tried laying of hands and lw and shako with 15 ias 40ed?
Yea, im not sure if its my imagination but LOH seems to do more dmg unlike what others said that %dmg to demons dosen't work with smite. Lwz is good for the first 3/5 life of ubers, but its really snail crawling for the later 2/5 part.
Maybe try getting the cb from somewhere else:undecided: The shako is good, if u need the 15IAS but if u don't try socketing it with other stuffs to balance up with whatever other gears you have.:laugh:

I might suggest Guil's face,Gores for the CB instead of Lw. Basically as long u could get 50%DR, Max res, 6fpa smite, 3k+ life with BO and 4k++ dmg you are a decent smiter:wink3: .