Smiter Pally questions


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Smiter Pally questions

Eh, sup, Im makin a smiter and im not really use to it, i was wondering if any1 could help out here are some questions i need to get answered.

1) what gear for smiter (perfect gear)
2)What skills and stats are the best to go, what skills to max?
3)or if any1 could send a link to a guide that be great, juss if ya know ur smiter pally stuff leave a post ploz.


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Well what do you plan on useing this smiter for? PvP, PvM. Ubers?

If PvP gonna be just smite vs smite? or will you be dueling other classes as well?

I don't know whats in here for smiter guides but there are prolly a few:

I don't know if it will help you but my pvp v/t which is almost a pure smiter uses:
ber'd shako, mara's, grief zerker, mp enigma, up'd ber'd hoz, 20ias +str gloves, 2xBk rings, dungos, +65 life water walks, in his stash I have um'd kiras and if ppl are being bm also have a exile, wisps, ravens, rising sun, dwarfs. I maxed smite, fanta, holy shield, and put the rest into holy shock and foh but a pure smiter might go defiance or charge maybe.

My other smiter which I use only for PvM and mostly just ubers uses, guillaumes face (however its spelled), mara's, grief pb, coh, up'd hoz, dracs, dwarf/raven, tgods, up'd goblin toe. I maxed smite, fanata, holy shield, 1 pt in zeal, and the rest into the resist cold, and fire to boost my max resisits a little.


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statwise its fairly easy :D
str just enough to wear everything
dex just enough for max block WITH holy shield on
rest vit :)

rest has been said by arutha, cant really tell you "perfect" gear for smiter if we dont know what you plan on doing with it, there's a big difference between gear for a pvp smiter and for a pvm smiter (ubers)