Smiter or Hammerdin


I'd say a hammerdin as well. A untwinked smiter is going to have alot of problems during gameplay. You might want to think about what kind of gear your going to have access to while your playing through. It would be fairly easy of you to get dual spirit (weapon/shield) by doing some nm/norm cow runs. THen do countess runs for the runes. You could probably trade one of your forges for a guardian angel which is a very veyr nice armor. Hmm.. The rest of the hammerdin gear is very basic, and you can get with just pgems. Tgods/dwarf/raven/magefist/tarnhelm or peasant crown/waterwalks.
You can get all of that for pgems, which you can find by cowing with your hammerdin. A hr is 60pgems I believe, so it won't take you long to build up your wealth and get your pally an enigma and the rest of the cookie cutter hdin gear. GL ;)


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Squaric said:
Witch is better for starting off for non twinked?
No one should make a smiter. Smite is not good for dealing with flocks of minions. You should make a zealer with 1 point in smite just for the bosses.

Zealers are easy to make and dont require especially hard to get gear. You just need to have crush blow, max resistance and a weapon that deals a fair amount of damage.

They are a lot easier to play than a hammerdin because you dont have to worry about hitting.

The only difficult area is A4 and A5 where you can run into IM. I use either a throwing weapon or a low physical damage, high elemental damage weapon.


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My vote goes for a hammerdin as well. An untwinked paladin will have more problems zealing than casting. It's fairly easy to build a good caster suit, compared to a good melee suit.



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Smiters are terrible for untwinked play. I don't much care for Hammerdins, either, but they're infinitely better than Smiters.


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I guess I don't understand why this is even question. I mean what is it about pathetic damage and only being able to hit one monster at a time that made you even consider it for untwinked play, especially against the most cookie-cutter overpowered build in the game?


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RoXoR said:
Smiter>Zealer for ubers
too bad that's all i use em for :(
Every zealer is a smiter!

1 point in smite.
4 points in zeal
20 points in sacrifice
20 points in holy shield

You zeal the minions and smite the bosses.