Smiter, need glove help


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Smiter, need glove help

basically i have the following-
ver. coil
last wish
miras tiara

And my question is, since i have PLENTY of LT% which gloves should i go with.
or should i change up either exile or last wish for something???

Pom Shadd

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Personally, I'd say craft some Blood gloves for extra crushing blow, to bring you close to 100%. Or, if you find you have enough, Laying of Hands for more damage to demons.

If you're rich, you could consider putting your exile on switch with grief pb, for extra damage when the uber you're killing's health gets really low. Then, put Pdiamond or Um'd HoZ with your LW for extra resists and stats. For Regular PvM, keep Last Wish and Exile together for more defense and crushing blow. At least, that's what I would do. You can never have too much life tap.


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Did he break any rules or is this standard procedure? first make sure whether you will need 20% ias or not to hit next bp, and how much crushing blow do you get from the rest? most probably blood gloves would be the best overall choice, covering ias/cb/resists/stats or whatever you need. And remember that draculs are still good gloves whether you need more LT or not.

Demonic Angel Rules

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If your lacking in IAS use Laying of Hands which got 20% IAS and 50% fire res, or Sander's Taboo with 20% IAS and 40+life. Thats what my Zealot uses and there not that hard to trade for or even find. But if you have maxed out IAS or just dont want anymore then craft some gloves for CB like pom shadd said.


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Can't go wrong with LoH at all.

Dracs are still useful due to OW though. 25% chance is quite large, not to mention the nice little str boost.


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and life after kill or life leach :thumbsup:

My zealer uses exile and dracs while my dreamer uses LoH and they both are super. and yes, you can never have too much life tap when zealing.


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Dont use drac if you have an exile they slow and they have no real quality stat other than some str and of course lifetap is the only thing that make em worth anything at all which you already have on Exile.

LOH quick, cheap and easy fix always been good zeal/smitah glove.

Crafted blood gloves have stats that can be taylored to your chars individual needs/lacking stats such as 20 ias,res,str,dex,ar,life,mana etc......

Clear winner for crafted gloves.