Smiter help


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Smiter help

What are your opinions on what gloves and boots to wear.. I'm still using dracs and goreriders during duels and I know those are mostly pvm things. I also have a bloodfist that I may upgrade because I saw someone mention using those.

Which brings me to another question, I also saw someone mention that they are using FCR items on their smiter...are smiters affected by FCR or IAS?

Lastly I have alot of problems fighting other smiters in public games, it just seems like even though I'm swinging as much as they are mine just don't hit at all. I have fairly low DR and no pcombs which may be a factor but otherwise my build should still fare decently. I can tell they are wearing shako and some plated armor I assume to be enigma and thats it.

My build right at this moment.

Helmet: CoA 1os still
Amulet: 27 Maras
Weapon: Grief PB 396
Shield: Up'd HoZ socketed with diamond (should I clear and socket with ber?)
Boots: Goreriders
Gloves: Dracs
Ring1: Ravenfrost
Ring2: Rare strength, dex and res ring
Switch: 3bo cta with spirit.

I do have a ptorch and an anni in my inventory.


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Thats some good gears for a smiter i would say and Gores are a definite thingy for melee duelers, some would say that Dracs are BM so Bloodfist is a good choice too. I would Ber'd the HoZ (and up'd it) and CoA, btw you have a belt right? Better be Dungos and cap your DR at 50%.And do get a Fort armor if you are going for PvP mainly for the 300edmg, life base on Clvl/res and high defense IMO its the best for most smiters.

FCR are for TeleSmiters/Vindicator Builds, with those tele-ing and hamma-spamming. Smiters are base on IAS and the weapon speed. Also you might wana check how much IAS you got to hit certain FPS and try go duel again. And there you go a good smiter-setup with just some tweaks here and there.

Btw this might be some help too (someone gave me this link and it helps:grin: )
Good luck =)


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Your assumption is right most of the smiters you are seeing will be wearing engima nad a ber'd shako which is also why some like a little fcr which won't help with the smite but with the tele, so you can tele+smite. Definetly get as close to 50%dr as you can. Bloodfists are definetly good gloves as they have the ias, +life and fhr, treks can also be good with the fhr, str/vita, also alot of smiters use +65 life waterwalks. What other charms do you have? My smiter is actully a v/t so I use 9x P combat lifers otherwise my foh would be terrible, but for a pure smiter a few P combat lifers and the rest +20 life sc's (+res lifers are great) works well, or I think some people go with 37x life sc's. Most of the other smiters you will see with have 4500-5000+ life.


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BM my b*lls

Bloodfists for the 65% ias to hit the last smite bp without fana (and it helps vs hf), and to hit 86% Fhr... as for LT u should have exile. Draculs+Gores only vs Necros and ES sorcs (also ow belt).


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Coltanz: Yeah I am using a 39/15 verdungos as a belt, sorry I missed that. Thanks for your explanation of why people need FCR, that was just something I couldn't figure out. And thanks for the link, but I found it earlier while trying to search for a topic with the same question as mine :smiley:

Arutha: That would explain some other things, I don't have many life scs and my total life isn't terribly high either at 2600 after bo.

greyoldfellow: Upon closer observation I think I am swinging just a little slower than other smiters are so I will take bloodfists as my gloves for melee duels.

Thanks for your advice guys, I appreciate it very much.