Smiter Build (or Hammerdim if better in utrist?)


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Smiter Build (or Hammerdim if better in utrist?)

i'm in the process of retooling my smiter and rob the hammerdim to equip the smiter properly(unless u think the hammerdim is better) for uber trist. The handycap i have is my wife restricts my gameplay..and i need to do these runs faster :sad2: . I alrdy have a sorc and javazon that can mf/pvp so i wanna use either the smiter or hammerdim for ubers. Hammerdim = level 86 standard build, smiter = level 87 1pt build.

grief pb
4% bk ring
natures peace
Heaven's light (for some reason i like my smiter using gives a good pounding..although that's personal the occasional fist o'heaven's looks cool)
trang belt
nost belt
last wish zerker
guillames (with 14% resist all jewel)
manald rings
carrion rings
scarab husk and wire fleece nigmas
wire fleece fort

i'm still trying to find a good crown/vortex eth shield for exile



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I don't really see any problems:). Hammerdin is good for cleaning but the 3 ubers themselves are all magic absorb. You could do it if you equip him with your smiters gear tho, but i don't really see a need since lt will negate getting swarmed. If you have low resistes you might want to prebuff with threachery, or wear coh.


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You should read the 1pt smiter guide to uber trist (think that is the name). He answers all of your questions.

1) Standard gear for uber smiter is Dracs, guill. hell, and gore riders. Gives life tap, 50% crush blow which are pretty much required for ubers.

2) You need to handle meph conviction which will give -125 to your resists while you are bombarded with elemental attacks from meph and his minions. Either boost your resists or get lvl 23+1 conviction.

3) You need to boost your life with boo to minimize your chances of death. A CTA on switch or yoodle barb will help tons.

4) You need to deal with immunes to every type of damage and this includes mmunes to 3 or 4 types of damage.