smiter and switch for PI's


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smiter and switch for PI's

Hi , i am key running Nihi and face many PIs.
I just traded away my light sabre which was not as effective (fast) as I would like.

I am thinking about my 5 soc Runemaster on switch to use with Vengeance.
What should I put in :
- 5 Ohm (bit expensive better go to EboTD)
- 5 P Topaze
- Mix of Ptop, Psaph and Pruby
- any ed jewel i have

My built is

15 smite
10 Sacrifice
max zeal , Fana, HolyS
1 Vengeance



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you could also consider items with ctc amp dmg or decrepify. Throw a reapers toll on your merc or put a atma's scarab on yourself for example.


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Thx for your answers guys, but my question was related to the runemaster.

@ Arutha : Atma scarab is nice but CTC AMP is only 5% , I use another ammu which serves other purposes (60 life, 29 ares) more frequently. Decrep does not remove PI immunity (AFAIR).

@ansuz: the best Rift in a caduceus (faster) may not compete with light sabre when using the 1 pt from vengeance, because light sabre has higher physical dmg. The CTC Tornado, FO, and HS from Rift and Dream are not sufficient to be really harmfull to monster. I sold my Dream as I was fed up with the "no Effect" of HS...unless you get the synergy in an avenger built, or dual dream set up. Azurwrath or Stormlash are much better in that case.

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If you got friends have someone build a lite/fire??/ice sorc and they will take out the immunes for you. Thats what I do and if you make your own privte key running games haveing a 2nd person there ups your chances. He could also make a hammerdin, but then whats the piont of the zealer being there.


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Baranar's or Gimmershred on switch are both cheap yet effective PI killers. They are slower than a Phase Blade for speed however, they both have massive elemental damage that helps you cut down PIs very quickly and then you can switch back to your fast weapon. You mentioned Azurewrath above and it is the superior PI killer as it is both fast and has good elemental damage. With Fanatism, the Azurewrath should already be a 4 frame attack.


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the best Rift in a caduceus (faster) may not compete with light sabre when using the 1 pt from vengeance, because light sabre has higher physical dmg.
Why are you using vengeance? It is horrible and slow, keep using zeal. The ele damage you do is added per strike and you hit a lot more with zeal. There is no reason any zealer should use vengeance.


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Good point but I noticed that lightsabre + 1 vengeance was killing faster than Lightsabre + zeal.
So I suppose that without considering azurewrath , stromlash and going back to Runemaster, I should put in Ptopazes, or mix or Ptop / Prub /Psaph and use zeal instead of ed jewels used with vengeance .....what do you think?


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Yes you should use zeal with added elemental damage. I don't think the runemaster will do the trick for you. But check the attack speed and then use 5 * ptopaz (= 5-200 light damage).

Gimmershred and Baranar are the best options though (I prefer Gimmershred, you can also throw these when you are IM-ed by the way). I don't have personal experience with Azurewrath, but I see that one is also recommended.
You can even consider pairing it with Tiamat's Rebuke for some added ele dmg + ctc skills and resists.

Perhaps the light + magic damage on Lightsabre was not enough in your setup so that vengeance worked better for you, I am sure that Gimmer or Baranar can deliver though (at the cost of 3-6pgems)


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Make a "Lawbringer" runeword... Try to get it on a phase blade... Decrepify DOES remove PI, and Lawbringer is cheap (amn+lem+ko) and have 20% ctc lvl 15 decrep. You'll find it very effective. You can smite them after decrep is cast. Yet, lawbringer gives you lvl 16-18 sanctuary aura, wich is very good against undead (almost all PI are undead). My kicker sin uses one and i have no trouble at all killing PI (i dont got venom).

Another good chooice would be Lacerator (unique winged axe)... 33% ctc amp lvl 3...


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Gimmershreds, Baranar Star, Azurewrath, LawBringer all will make short work of any PI. Gimmershreds are the most effective for costs.


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How about IM?

What's your IM solution then?
If u have a nice IM solution then you have a PI solution.

elemental dmg melee weapon is fine but they will still kill you in ACT IV/V boss run. Even a *rift* made in plain war Scepter will make u dead if u active Fanat. So Gimmershred is the choice.

But bows, especially those fires magic arrow, will do.

I don't have Gimmershred though, My charger uses Convertion/resis lightening as PI/IM solution, of course with dream helm.

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go go go lawbringer!
i find it a great weapon for smiters and undead
nothing dies faster than a decrepified undead Pi :shocked:


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Gimmershred and Azurewrath both work well, though I prefer AW for the Sanctuary aura. I haven't tried Lawbringer yet, but think I have a 3os PB and will give it a go.

Has anyone used Hellrack (unique col crossbow) on switch with a zealer/smiter?

Hellrack Colossus Crossbow
89-300 Dmg
+180-230% Enhanced Damage
Adds 63-324 Fire Damage
Adds 63-324 Lightning Damage
Adds 63-324 Cold Damage
20% Increased Attack Speed
100-150% Bonus to Attack Rating
Slvl 18 Immolation Arrow (150 charges)
Socketed (2)

I had one drop last night and am wondering if it would effective against PIs and IM...if so, what's the "socket of choice"?


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Has anyone used Hellrack (unique col crossbow) on switch with a zealer/smiter?
The problem with bows and crossbows is that you cant use a shield. You lose block and bunch of resists. It is safer to use a throwing weapon.