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Hello all,

I'd like to ask if smite is a good secondary attack for zealots? or are the points on smite better used for an aura which boosts zeal?


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There is a guide by pouggee although he built it for running ubers with a little adaptation you can use it for pvm and ubers.

i have built this to spec and it pretty much rocks although i have issues with PI's.

it is a zeal/smiter

20 zeal
20 smite
20 holy shield
20 fan.

you are done by lvl75 i think.

smite is great against main bosses not as much against regular monsters.
you need a good finishing weapon for it though either a grief or lw zerker or phaseblade.

if you go with lw then you can get away with hoz instead of exile otherwise get exile, dracs are needed. i use tgods belt and highlords ammy. ravenfrost ring and a lifeleech ring on the other hand.

boots are gores helm will be crown of the ages as soon as i get 4 more lvls.

have fun.


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Assuming you are already using Fanaticism as your main aura, I don't see much reason to put points into another aura.

As maxus said, Smite is definitely an option for your extra points, but as it is a melee attack just like Zeal, I don't think there's a definitive reason to choose that to put your points into, either.

If you could post your current skill layout, how many skill points you have left to distribute, and maybe an idea of why you're interested in a secondary attack in the first place, we could give more specific advice.