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does chance to cast ????? on attack or hit affect smite or does it only count as ur weapons attack
and whats the current shield that will do the highest smite dmg thats unq?


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The Sacred Rondache has the highest average damage by an extra 0.5 but All the Elite Paladin Shields have good damage. (So Unique would be Alma Negra)

The answers to everything else is in your other thread.


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Smite: Smite speed depends on your weapon speed, and ias gotten from gear affect it. Smite ignores both target’s defense and target’s block, so it nearly always will hit your target (Smite can be blocked by dual wielding sins using the weapon block skill, and amazons can dodge or evade it tho). It has an added knockback effect to it, and it also stuns its target (this feature doesn’t work in PvP tho, or against bosses for example). The damage of smite is greatly increased by the Holy Shield skill, and it’s capped at 6 frames. Smite damage is enhanced by Strenght bonus (which is displayed on the character screen) and Enhanced Damage outside your weapon (which isn't)

Things that work with smite:

Crushing blow
Chance to cast something on striking
Hit blinds target
Hit freezes target
Open Wounds
Enhanced Damage
Prevent Monster Heal
+Damage modifier on the Redeemer (unique Mighty Scepter) and Astreon's Iron Ward (unique Caduceus)
Curses such as Life Tap, Amplify Damage...

Things that won’t work with smite:

Life or Mana leech
Deadly Strike
Elemental Damage
+Max/Min Damage

The +damage modifier is specially useful in PvP, since it adds the straight amount of damage indicated (it won't be displayed in the character screen) to your attack, without being affected by the PvP penaly, Damage Reduction...

Once again, I shall copy and paste from the excellent F.A.Q. posted at the top of this forum. If anyone has any other questions such as this, please consult the F.A.Q. at the top, I'm getting tired of copy and pasting ;)
Jeez!! :mad: How do people not see the F.A.Q., the guides thread, and all that good stuff up there~!

It's there for a reason, USE IT! Countless times have questions like these been asked, countless times have they been answered in their entirety in the thread itself, or on that HUGE THING UP THERE IN THE MAIN PAGE! :rant:

No, naming it "noob question #190843" (literally, that has happened), will not help you or get any sort of sympathy for you or your question. If you didnt know, thers a little thing called common sense that the vast majority of people have, it has nothing to do with how "noob", or "newbie" you are to the game.

I seriously fail to see how people ask the same questions over and over again! :mad: No one here is hiding them, the title is clearly marked! It's either "Paladin FAQ", or "Paladin Guides Thread." *!!* It has been there since all of you learned that smite and/or bh "ownzz." The nice people here that go and answer those same old questions ALWAYS copy and paste straight from the FAQ, or diabloii, or any of those sites. THE INFO IS THERE, GO ON YOUR OWN AND GET IT, please.

Please stop asking these questions over and over, AND OVER!!!, again :rant:



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i heard the is a bug with +dmg mods with smite
what is it exactly ?
does it work pvm ?