Smite or Holy Shield


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Smite or Holy Shield

Allright, I know this question has been asked AND answered before, but I will ask it again. :azn:

Let's say i have enough points to max Smite OR Holy Shield, which one should i max to ge the highest smite damage (nothing other than damage matters, ok?), or do i get the most damage output if I spread the points between them?


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Re: Smite or Holy Shield

I think this largely depends on your gear. Let's look at the calculations:

Min Smite Damage = (Shield Min Damage + (Damage +x) + (Holy Shield Min Damage)) * (1 + (Strength + (+x% Enhanced Damage) / 100)))
Max Smite Damage = (Shield Max Damage + (Damage +x) + (Holy Shield Max Damage)) * (1 + (Strength + (+x% Enhanced Damage) / 100)))

As you can see, it depends a lot on what amount of +damage and off-weapon ED% you have.

For example:

If you have Grief, which adds 340-400 pure base damage to smite, Holy Shield is not as significant as it could be - an additional 50-60 points of damage pale in comparison.

However, if you have lots of off-weapon ED%, like high-level fanaticism, Fortitude etc, Smite stacks linearly and is thus not as impacting as it could be.

Take a look at your gear and choose accordingly.


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Re: Smite or Holy Shield

what would you recomend using fort, grief, and hoz with lvl 14 fanat (and 25 to combat skills)

would that change if swaping fort for enigma?
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