smite/charger or vindicator i think HELP


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smite/charger or vindicator i think HELP

well i have a few questions i havent played d2 in months wanna get back into it my brother has like every item possible hes very rich. so items r no object im trying to make the godliest smiter/charger possible for pvp. and see if i can get around 5k life. i have a few setups and advantages and disadvantages. heres what i got

weapon=greif zerker 399/40
shield= biggest problem. i want max block and the vortex cost way too much dex for max blocking. and the range for smitting is too great. i was thinking about zak exile or hoz but im not sure cause i do want life tap and i dont want to use dracs cause i rather use 20ias 10cb +mods gloves. any suggestions plus i want to get close to 5k life as possible soooo need help in this area
armor=archon enigma DR good here
helm= COA good resistance and once i ber ber it then i get DR almost capped
amulet=maras of course not much to beat this
rings= bk ring and soj then use wisp ect for casters when need be
belt=verdungoes perfect 40/15 here. nice vitality boost
gloves= ive seen some 20ias/10cb gloves with str mods plus others awesome
i want a pair of these instead of dracs but if someone can give me an alternitive without losing my 6frps then im all up for it
boots=well for pure smite i have the tendancy to use the goblin toe. but all round i like to use gorerider for cb and open wounds. i use to use per eth treks but cb makes the difference
switch=6bo cta with spirit shiield

charms=torch i ran into a 19/20 torch so im happy, 19/18 anni
9 combats with 30-39plus life.

well this leaves me with low fhr wich i can make up within the small charms and i think im a fewreistance points for maxing in hell. so a 5 all resistance small charms would help too. but im up for suggestions.

LOOKing for around 5k Life. items no object and a optimize build