smite/charger gear setup need suggestions NEED HELP


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smite/charger gear setup need suggestions NEED HELP

well heres my gear after researching i wanted a killer setup and almost hitting 5k life when im done. hopelyy be in the 4.5k range take this into account

coa ber ber used to get the cap DR thought about shako but leaves me with lower ressitance and the ability for me not to max out my dr.

nigma of course archon plate

40ias/399 greif zerk. question? i havent played in a while what is the final ias break point i forgot 6frms i think it is. i dont know how much ias u need with would lvl fant aura in order to break it.

per maras

eth zak exile well i had smiters before and i used the vortex great d but adding the points into dex to max block was not sooo good. so im going with a zak exile to lower the amout of dex needed for max block plus the range of dmg is more constant other than the vortex. i figured this be better if anyone wants to add please do im up for any suggestions

40/15 dungoes for the life and dr boost

upped gores here for boots the cb and open woounds good

gloves i could be flexible here but undecided. since i got exile i dont need dracs. gives me a better flexibility here to what to choose. i have no idea how much ias i need with the grief zerk. i planned on useing 20ias 10cb gloves with some dex or str and life mods. or bloodfist for a chunk of life booast and fhr. not decided please some help here.

rings heres when i get caught up. to get closer to my max block i thought about a str dex mod with life raven frost for the 20 dex. or using bk rings for life and getting the extra skill points help here

6cta and spirit shiled on switch simply as that

charms my seletion. since i had these saved from a long time ago. i kind of lucked out

9 pally combats with 40+life
1 pally torch 20/18
1 anni 18+/18+
thought about picking up the last few resistance charms i might need and fhr all with 20life

i think this might put me in the 4.5k range depending on my gloves and rings
I know i wont be able to hit 5k cause of coa instead of using shako. but thaats ok 4.5k is godly anyway.