Something in my room smells like the perfume of my ex.(No not the crazy one) It is driving me insane! I can't tell what it is but holy hell is it annoying. It just keeps on reminding me of her.....which is distracting when I have work to do. Not to mention it smells nice which is absolutely not what I like my room to smell like. I want it to smell like me. Afterall it is my room why shouldn't it smell like me?

Anywho I am going to have to look around for it or totally clean my room. This is really getting on my nerves!!!


I had a friend of mine (who I care a lot about) sleep here a while ago while she was having some trouble. A couple days later I noticed that one of my pillows smelled like her.

I found it... comforting.


Diabloii.Net Member gf had borrowed a sweater of mine for a couple weeks and it came back smelling like her. Very comforting to sleep with...