small doubt


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small doubt

hi all
im new to the forums but not new to diablo.ive just got a small doubt.i feel that a charactor having a good magic find with a weapon and sheild(ie melee) has a better chance of finding good items than a ranged charactor(for example a bowazon) with the same magic find. is this true? if so why?
i observed this when i was playing with my lvl80 necro in single player.he got more and better items when he went melee than when going range.
i hope the question is clear.


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I think you should've put "Intro" in your title cause you're brand-spankin' new! Hi, and welcome. :wave: Keep at least one eye out for those shinkickers.

Answer to your question: Your MF abilities don't depend on whether you're ranged, or up close. Since you've got a Necro, you've gotta have some skellies around. Well, if you do, you're MF transfers to them as well. IIRC, when your sword, your minions, or your arrows kill a monster, DII checks your MF, picks a treasure class, etc. (Read Hrus MF sticky at the top of the forum for the details).
Well, with the same magic find it still comes down to luck, but whatever can kill faster will give you a better chance at finding more, since over time you will see more drops.