Small +3 strength charm.


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Small +3 strength charm.

I really need a small +3 strength charm. If someone has one spare, I would really apreciate it.

I need it, because then I can where an armor for my MF meteororb. I just spend like three hours leveling her up, just to find that I need another 3 strength. :uhhuh:

I miscalculated the result of the -15% jewel that I wanted to put in the armor.

If someone has one I would be like this: :worship:
you can get +20 to str on a small charm. but the chances of getting a annilhus charm in SP is remote.... :lol:
i have a +5 grand charm and a +3 large charm that i dont need, do you want either of these instead?


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you can also put 3 small charm with +1str , or you can also change of amulet or ring with +3 strg


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You cannot get a +3 small charm, but you can get a +5 arge charm, which is equals 2*(+2.5) small charms =D