Sleeping with your eyes open?


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Sleeping with your eyes open?

A few of my friends claim that they can sleep with their eyes open, and I just don't see how. One of them saif they stare at something then focus their peripheral vision on two different things to the sides of it. The others say it just happens. Anyone know if this is actually possible?


Yes it's possible. I've seen it. One of the guys in my army unit falls asleep with his eyes open. One guy talked to him for a couple minutes before he heard snoring and realized the guy was out cold.


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It's been two weeks since I killed me a man, and I'm startin' to get tha itch...
heh, best part of the movie. But, in other news, as has been stated before, it is very possible to sleep with one's eyes still open. I have only once and by accident, while I was thiking intently of an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


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I dont think everyone can...

My sisters roomate had some wierd thing with her eyes, and she could ONLY sleep with her eyes open.... She actually had to make an effort to blink even...


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Wouldn't that do weird stuff to you, like getting lots of dust in your eyes, or your eyeballs drying up, or something?
i have a friend who sleeps with his eyes open...and my and other friends have seen him do it...the closest i've gotten has been zoning out in hearing and seeing nothing and just day dreaming


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I've slept once with my eyes open, till the wife smacked me. Then I woke up, then my eyes were super dry and hurt, along with my ribs from the whacking


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I've never actually seen a human person do it, but the dogs and cats at work do it all the time. They look possessed by Satan or something because they're normally lying on their backs with their eyes rolled back into their heads and they're eyelids open... It's a tad disturbing...


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I used to know someone that could sleep standing up, without proping himself on anything. He would do it in long formations.