Slayers Search, for PDR and Uniques


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Slayers Search, for PDR and Uniques

Hello again all,

I recently began playing again and opened a thread on creating a double swinger. I am starting off with nothing, so as of this moment, my equipment is what I have found. I have installed ATMA, but so far have only used it for finding drop chances.

Well, I find myself frustrated by my untwinked DS, so Slayer was born to take his place, or mearly give myself a break.

He will be fairly cookie cutter (or totally so) maxing mace, BO and WW. I will give him atleast 187 STR, on the off chance I play him a while and by some miracle found the Barb set. (not counting on it)

Living in the real world, I have compiled two sets of gear I can reasonable attain, neigher set involves any Elites or high Rune words, actually no rune words at all at this point.

The %DR set includes the usual suspects of Rock Stopper/Vamp, Shaft Stop, and SOE. The straight DR setup would involve socketing basic armour (final goal, as some early uniques might be used) with SOL's. Looking over the magic PRE's and Suf's it appears to me, I could (how likely Im uncertain) find armour, Circlets with both mechanics and the DR mods, giving a total maximum DR for armour at 43 and 36 for Helms. Couple this with an Ammy that can achieve 25 and one has 104 DR.

If I understand the tables correctly, I could start Looking for the Helms at lvl 41 (max DR) and the Armour at 55 (lvl or 4 sockets). These lvls are the item suffix and prefix lvl.

Question, am I better off gambling or shopping for these mythical pieces?

Final thoughts, I am planning on using the big mauls, initially Bonesnap (has a 1 in 24 chance to drop from normal Diablo) and upgrading that or finding the next lvl of Maul. I realize these are not ideal, but they seem attainable. I plan on getting CBF from the Gloves and Belt of the Death set, as those two together seem to give a pretty good bang for the buck for the poor player.