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+Skills on items and Item Quality Levels?? I'm lost

Discussion in 'Theorycrafting and Statistics' started by leeloo, May 25, 2008.

  1. leeloo

    leeloo IncGamers Member

    Aug 13, 2006
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    +Skills on items and Item Quality Levels?? I'm lost

    I am simply wondering:

    What Assassin Katars can have +3 To Lightning Sentry mod? All of them?
    What rare/magic Assassin Katars can get +5 and +6 To Lightning Sentry mod?

    First I thought it to had to have something with Item Quality Level to do (Scissors Katar=24,Greater Talons=50 et.c) but then I found this rare Druid Pelt:

    Hawk Helm
    +2 Druid Skills
    +3 Tornado
    + more....

    Which only has Item Quality Level 8. So is this only dependent on WHERE it is dropped (which monster) ?

    I would like to know, so I know whether I should pick up ALL magic and rare Katars for example, hoping to get +6ls. Same thing with +6bo helms, sorc orbs and so on..

    How does it work ?
  2. helvete

    helvete IncGamers Member

    Jul 17, 2004
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    Re: +Skills on items and Item Quality Levels?? I'm lost

    Claws are divided in two categories:

    Only the H2H2 ones can have staffmods, and these include all of the elites, and most of the exceptional ones. None of the normal ones.

    All barb/druid helms can have staffmods, as can all necro heads and sorc orbs.

    +4/5/6 LS is only possible on magic/rare ones by combining a staffmod with +x assa or +x traps skills.

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