Skill planner


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I sorta agree with Stinger... does it have to be such a science? Just play through and put points where they're needed at the time, keeping in mind your end-game distribution and gear.


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For PvM play, I totally agree you shouldn't need a skill planner, but I find these very helpful when planning out PvP chars. Don't be so black-and-white ;).


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I love that site, too bad the guy allowed D2Items to sponsor it because it USED to be linked from the Arreat Summit in their files section. After it went to D2Items, they dumped it like a hot rock.

That site is great for all chars except sorcs, poison necros, and high elemental damage characters. It doesn't take into account the enhanced damage the facets now give or the upgraded items like Mav's set for cold damage.

For me the game is a science. BIG surprise, eh? Back when the patch first came out I blindly made characters not knowing which way was best to distribute points. Thought it was fun, but then I got serious and went back to planning my characters.

If you play PKs/PvP or want to build high damage/effective characters, planning them is the only way to go. Field trials are a different matter.


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Hats off.

Oh My, people actually need these?
Hats off to you for having memorized all the calculations on every single class and skill synergies in the game. :)