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ok. i have 5 characters, 1 blizzard sorc, fireball sorc, smiter, werewolf and a javazon. all of them have good gear (given by my closest friends). andi was just wondering how to make a skill gc? I was told b4 that you can make a skill gc by transmuting a grand charm in the cube but im still not sure if thats true or not. so can anyone tell me how to make a skill gc? if you can at least.


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3pgems + magic item in the horadric cube

It works with all magic items and all pgems.
The only thing that matters is the ilvl i think of the item. So for you to get a skiller from a gc you need to have found it from nm flayer jungle or so. Just get one from hell and its a possible skiller. Baal gcs are nice to roll too for the chance to get a skiller with 40+ life. A baal gc is a gc that is dropped by diablo, nihlatak or baal.


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skill gc's have an ilvl of 50

for ones to reroll look for
Bloody +3 To Minimum Damage (75)
Maiming +3-4 To Maximum Damage (71)
Serrated +3 To Maximum Damage (67)
Sustenance, Vita 31+ Life (61+)
Lucky +8-12% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (55)

nightmare summoner and up gcs even if they show low stats will have a high enough ilvl

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MasterAkihabara said:
what do you mean by adding a magic item? does the pgem have to be all the same kinds?
A magical item is any item with blue text, which includes charms. The PGems do not have to be all the same kind.