Skill and Stat Quests- Where?


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Skill and Stat Quests- Where?

Can someone please list all the skill quests and stat quests in this game, and how to do them, along with the wp nearest to the spot?

I think I know all the skill ones, but I have no idea how to do, or where to do the stat ones.

Thanks alot!

Evrae Altana

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Den of Evil-Blood Moor
Radament's Lair-Sewers Level 3-waypoint at level 2
The Fallen Angel-Plains of Despair-either walk there from the Pandemonium Fortress or backtrack from the River of Flame waypoint.

Lam Esen's Tome-Ruined Temple-take the waypoint in Kurast Bazaar

Eilo Rytyj

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And don't forget the Jade Figurine/Golden Bird quest, and the Rescue Anya quest. 60 extra life and 30 resist are still counted as stats.

Some tips:
Taking the southern entrance to the sewers in Lut Gholein will get you close to the stairs to level 2.
Backtrack from Travincal to Kurast Bazaar via Upper Kurast if you don't have the waypoint.
Walking from Pandemonium Fortress is a shorter distance than from the River. City of the Damned waypoint is closer still. Follow the edge of the map around.
Anya is closest from Crysalline passage waypoint. Failing that, I backtrack from Ancients' Way waypoint, through the Frozen Tundra and Glacial Trail.

nicro tower

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lam essens tome is always in 1 of the temples and it never changes. like eilo said its in the bazaar and i think its the ruined temple. i think it even says this on