Skellimancer's merc's bonehew's sockets


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Skellimancer's merc's bonehew's sockets

well now, I've finally gotten myself a bonehew for my merc on my skellimancer :D

Now, unfortunatly, I've had to strip him of all his semi-good LL stuff and replace it by even worse non-LL strength equipment. I understand that in a few levels my merc should beable to equip it without any strength equipment at all, so I shouldn't need to pop in any hel runes.

What would be best to socket in his polearm? I'm likely to get COT, and some armor with some LL for him, but is that enough leech? Should I pop in 2 amns, or would I be better off with shaels?

My merc will not be using any equipment with IAS on it.

Any suggestions for what I should pop into his bonehew?

Sorry for the rambling, it's late :)


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I'd give him some nice LL gear and socket the Bonehew with -15% Req jewels until he can equip it with his base strength.

You will then be able to remove the jewels and put into it whatever you see fit. :)


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I find that an ideal setup for my mercs that are using bonehew is this:

- Duriels Shell for the additional strength to equip Bonehew at a reasonable level and + resists, and + life.
- Vampgaze for ll and % physical reduction
- Double amned bonehew

With the nice dmg that bonehew gives (especially ethereal), the fact that your merc is probably might (for a summoner), then he is leaching back life at a tremendous rate, and his resists are near maxed with this setup by the lvl he can equip bonehew with duriels strength bonus.

If Vamp is too expensive for your merc, then you can use rockstopper. It also has dmg reduction, and great resists. I'd still double amn your bonehew.


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No no no.. all wrong.. Asheron was the best...

For a descent merc weap Hel + Amn makes bonehew the best. That gives him LL and he can use it at a descent level.

Gaze is perfect for a merc. Not many people use it any more besides a paladin or zon if that. Best possible skelemancer merc I feel would be:

Crescent Moon weapon
Bramble Armor

or Cheap:
Bonehew (Amn + Hel)
Duriels or Shaft
Gaze or Crown of Thieves



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Hmm... I forgot that you could unsocket items :)

I think I'll give my merc a double amned bonehew, and use a 4 socketed armor with 1 pamathests in it for the strength req, and then give him my nice eth CoT I just found.

Thanks for the prompt replies


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I have a question similar to his. I recently traded a lem for an etheral guardian angel (i was antsy in my pantsy to trade) and I stuck in on my merc but I recently found two Duriel Shells. Should I leave the guardian angel on him or give him DS? Are either of those worth upgrading?