skellies dmg?


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skellies dmg?

do anyone knows the formulas to count skellies' dmg?
because i think that the one given in arreat summit is wrong.
and how would might frm merc apply?



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Here is a copy of wonderful post by made by Runaval some time ago that was wiped I think by the last Forum hic-cup. Bear in mind he was answering other people's questions.

Runaval's Answers

Originally Posted by wc3promet
All the Maths of Diablo 2 are in my BRAIN. 25% to 75% of things people say on this forum are incorrect.

Unfortunately your analysis of the skeletons also falls into the incorrect catagory also. The game does not treat most of the damage information in the manner that you just did. Nor are some of the other information that you presented from just reading the incorrect information off of the Lying Character Screen which is also using the wrong 'math' compared to what the actual game engine is using. Better to know how the game is really doing the internal calculations and using the games data files from the MPQs do the anylasis.

I wish I could charge people a fee for answering their questions or correcting them.

You also need to consider the reverse of this; what you should pay other that are correcting you. In this case tamninja has already presented more 'correct' information to you on how the damage is actually handled than you had used.

now for some correct basic information.


Current Skill Level: 30 (Average Necro Level)
Damage: +189 percent
Attack: 905
Defense: 905
Life: 544
Life: 675 (N)
Life: 849 (H)
12 skeletons total
Mana Cost: 35

For RS=30 and SM=30 the correct stats would be
Damage: +189% (this is applied to the skeletons base damage at the same point as other +dmg% effects such as Might or Fanatism effects. The base damage of the skeletons is not listed out on the character screen, only the combined effect of the (basedamage+RSbonus+SMbonus)*(100+RSskill_dmg%)/100. You have to go into the game files to get the correct figures for later.) The base damage of a RS=30 skeleton is (basedamage+RSbonus+SMbonus)=(1+46+60)=107 min and 108 max. Adjusted only for the RS skill this becomes 309 to 312.

Attack: +905
Defense: +905
(both correct and is added into the base values of the skeletons ToHit: 5/4/6 and AC: 5/5/6 for normal/nightmare/hell respectively. see monstats.txt from the MPQ)

The life that is displayed on the screen is calculated incorrectly. The correct figures should be (baselife+SMbonus)*(100+RS_HP%bonus)/100 where the base life is 21/30/42 respectively and the RS_HP%bonus is 0 for skill levels 1 to 3 and (RSskill_level-3)*50 for higher skill levels. This would make the life of these skeletons to actually be
Life: 3784
Life: 3915 (N)
Life: 4089 (H)
which is part of the reason for the high durability of the skeletons. The other factor in their durability is that their DamageRegen factor from monstats.txt is not in any way displayed for the character. This ends up working out that the skeletons of any skill level will recover their HP at a rate that in a time period of 40.96 seconds. For example the hell difficulty skelletons listed here would be recovering their life at a rate of 4089*4/4096=~4 HP/frame of time or about 100 points per second. Given a couple of seconds these skeletons could recover almost any single hit from a non-damage enhanced monster in hell difficulty.

12 skeletons total
Mana Cost: 35


Might merc
Skill Level: 20 (Max Merc Skill Level for a level 98 merc; can be higher if they have +all skills equipment)
For a level 71 to 74 might merc their skill level will be 14 (see hireling.txt file from the patch_d2.MPQ)
Radius: 28 yards
Damage: +170 percent

now for the damage analysis you need to do the correct adjustments in the correct order.
Factoring the 14th level might aura the damage output of the skeletons can be expected to be
107*(100+189+170)/100=491 min
108*(100+189+170)/100=495 max
(These types of calcualtions use truncation not rounding, learn how the game is doing most of its calculation in integer only form.)

Amp Damage is a -100% physical resistance modifier on the targets. If the target has physical resistance of 100+ then the effectiveness of the skill is at 1/5 effect or only -20% to the targets physical resistance.

In v1.10 there is no global physical resitance of +50 applied to the monsters in hell difficulty. The base physical resistance of monsters in hell ranges from 0 to 100 (with the average being less than 50) with only 17 having 100% as the base. Moster bosses and their minions that have the Stone Skin mod will get a +80% their physical resistance; these are the only ones that you will have trouble breaking their physical resistance with an Amp Damage curse. Compare that to the 91 monsters that have base cold resistances of 130+ (making it effectively impractical to try breaking their cold resistance.

The adjustment for the physical resistance on the damage dealt is
adjusted damage = damage*(100-(resistance+modifiers))/100 with a min of 0 damage dealt. Remember that Amp Damage is a minus 100 modifier.

The damage results from applying Amp damage on monsters would then become
0% case:
(100-(resistance+modifiers))/100 = (100-(0-100))/100 = 200/100= 2
982 to 990 damage per hit

90% case (highest non-immune base):
(100-(resistance+modifiers))/100 = (100-(90-100))/100 = 110/100=1.1
540.1 to 544.5 damage per hit (at this point the game is tracking life in fractional amount and you can end up with non-integer values)

100% case (monster that start our as immune):
(100-(resistance+modifiers))/100 = (100-(100-(100/5))/100 =(100-80)/100 = 0.2
98.2 to 99 damage per hit.

At this point is where using other skills such as Bone Spear or poison skills (w/ Lower Resist instead of AmpDam) or Corpse Explosion (w/ Lower Resist) or a weapon with high elemental damage (you or merc; w/ LR) would be more practical things to consider. Considering that it does not take the necromancer that many actual skill points to set up these skeletons 20+20+3 to get Summon Resist, there should be plenty of skill points to put into a second damage dealing attack (bone or poison) and the curses generally are sufficient at 1 point plus adders.

The overall damage output is better than what you listed and the safety factor of their durability when not poisoned (stops their regeneration) is very good. Their base damage is good enough without the Might aura that you can consider using different mercs also. A Blessed Aim can help a lot with the fact that their AR is not too good and some analysis that I have seen point to this actually being better for over all damage output since they will actually be hitting more often to more than make up for the damage reduction of not having a might aura active. Another possibility is something like a fire/cold Rogue to consistently deal out a strong elemental damage from a safe position behind the wall of skeletal warriors.
uh...good god thats alot of math. i can't really follow it at all (math is my weakest subject). can you tell me in english the stats of the summoned skeletons? :worship:


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The best I can figure is that the math states that Skeletons=Godly unless against PI monsters, esp. PI Stone Skin bosses.


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One of my physics professors told me one day in your physics career you would find out that nothing made sense to you but mathematics. I think it applies to D2X as well.


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But with such 'godly' skelies, would it be viable it pvp as well?
this is what i am currently using:

enigma mesh armor (+ 1 tele is good because my minions follow me too)
trangs gloves
heart of oak ( +3 all skills & oak sage to add life to my skelies)
call to arms ( warcrys)
marrow walk
+3 summoning + 95 life ammy
2x soj
6 summon gc
1 annihilus
several sc of vita