Skeliton Mages worth it?


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Skeliton Mages worth it?

for my curses im gunna be usin amp and im thinkin about usin might merc

any suggestions on the merc? and to my original question is maxing skelly mage worth it?

Also if not maxing skely mage what should i put in else where?

off the top of my had im gunna use clay golem

max RE

10+ to CE (+skills will do the rest?)

max SM

1 amp

all prequests


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Welcome to the wild, wild world of the Undead,

I would recommend not maxxing the revive, one skill point with the +skillers should be good enough. You'll also need at least one point into decrepify (and prereqs), consider Dim Vision / Attract / Terror for some crowd control system. Max the skellies, skellie mastery. Most will argue to max CE, I've only used one point thus far but am considering maxxing it (got 12 points left). I personally recommend maxxing the mages, but that's a personal decision.

My build: max skellies, skellie mage, skellie mastery
One point wonders: curses (whichever ones you favor), CE (teeth prereq), bone armor, gumby (sorry, I mean clay golem), golem mastery, summon resists.

The merc thing is a very personal decision. I've been determined to keep my orginal quest Act 1 merc just because I'm stubborn (or stupid depending on your opinion ;P). Most go with an Act 2 Merc with an appropriate aura (most go might). I've been trying the stacking thorns aura with the Edge+Bramble combo. It works for me, but I just like to be different. If I run into the runes for it, I'll swap out the Edge bow and swap in a Faith bow.

Good luck and Good Hunting!

ps: let us know how things worked out for you!


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Might merc - Infinity + Bramble + Andy's helm (switch to Ummed P Kira's, Eth COH and Obedience for Uber 3)
Clay golem (1pt) + 1pt in golem mastery
Absolutely get maxed mages
1pt in revive is enough
Curses - amp, decrep, terror, lower resist, dim vision - 1pt in each
Max CE its worth it for offscreen killing


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skill maxed ce , skelly, mage, skelly mastery

i would recommand u to max mage and ce too
maxing mage is jsut to take full advantage of ur hard points in skelly matery

the only problem i see from maxing mage is complaim from ppl :undecided:


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Alright, for one, never put more tahn one point into revive, as +skills will give you all you could ever need. Second, max out mages as they are an exctremely underrated skill. They help greatly with PI's and former PI's that have been broken but are still resistant. Oh, and get al of the right hand side curses up to decriptify. Use amp for everyone exept bosses, for them the 50% slow, 50% weaken, and 50% amp dmg will help you much more than just 100% amp dmg.


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Like stated before, don't max Revive. I have one point and I still never use them. My skellies + Merc + CE kill plenty fast. I am on the fence with Mages. I have +18 skills from my gear so I can revive 10 of them. When I am doing Solo Baal Runs, they are not worth the time to revive IMO.

Many will dissagree with me but instead of mages, I maxed Golem Mastery for my Iron Golem. I made him into a Insight Golem so I can TP and CE without even thinking about mana pots. Many argue that Clay Golem's Slow Hit is great but I have never missed it. Once Baal or Diablo is hit with Decrep, it's all over. I made him out of a low damage polearm for IM immunity and after the plus skills, he has around 11k life.

I am lvl ** w/ max RS, SM, GM, CE, +1 All Curses, +1 Bone Armor. The only curses I EVER use are Amp and Decrep. I went ahead and put 1 in each for the possibility of future patches.

At this point, I am now pumping points into RSM but again, I hardly use them.