Skeles or Revives For bonemancer?


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Skeles or Revives For bonemancer?

At lvl 80, my bonemancer has maxed all his bone synergies. His skills are

20 teeth, 20 spear, 20 spirit, 20 wall,
1 ce, 1 armor
curses are 1 amp, 1 dim, 1 weak, 1 terror, 1 decrep
summons 1 clay g, 1 gm, 1 summon resist

With marrowwalks i wont be putting points into prison. Skills equipment will give +10 to all, so no need to pump curses. Any ideas for skill usage ?

I was thinking I could start splitting points between summon skele and skele mastery. Both would get 10, so theyd be lvl 20 after +skills.

Or would it be better to make myself some Revives and put the rest of the skills into bone armor ( or just ignore them, cause i prolly wont reach lvl 99 too soon :) ).

So, Revives Or skellies? Or "something completely different"? Your suggestions are welcome.

Mad Mantis

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If you have just 20 skill points available go for Revives. Normally i would say Skellies, but they need a fair amount of skill points.

And BTW you will probably not make it past level 86 before you get bored.


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i have nearly the same setup with one point in skele tree up to revive,
this gives me 10 revives (more than enough), 5 skele and 5 skelemages I sometimes use them too.
I thought of putting the remaining points in skele masterie or (if you play mainly 1 or 2 player) into CE


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Yeah i had already kinda set my mind on the revives too :)

Just needed an experts opinion... Since this is my first 1.10 necro i really have no idea how well low level skeles would survive in hell. And also personally i think that my bonemancer would look dead cool a bunch of revives following him :cool:

Btw, does someone know if enigma adds a colour to the armor its made in?