Skelemancer Help


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Skelemancer Help

I am writing this post to see what direction I should go with my skelemancer. I plan to use my skelemancer for mf runs and just general questing and rushing.



Max Skeleton Mast.
Max Raise Skeleton
Max Corspe explosion
1 pt in the rest of Summon skills
1 pt teeth
1 pt Amplify dmg
1 pt Dim Vision
1 pt Confuse
1 pt attract

Viper Magi
Marrowwalks(will soon equip when i get enough str)
2 Rare Rings
Sigon Belt
Crappy ammy
Blackhand Key Grave Wand

Right now I have 16 skill pts saved, and i want to use them well. I prob should point any points into curses b/c i have plus 10 to all curses. I don't think I should put into another summon skill b/c mages don't work well w/ amp damage (and I think they suck) and golems are just tanks. By the way, I have plus 7 to all Summon Skills. What I was thinking, and I want your opinion, I was going to add my skill to Bone Spear. This would help me since I will have marrowwalks, will help to start my skeleton army in new games, and would help me fight with my skeles. Or I can add 1 to bone spear and then one of its synergys. I don't really know, but this seems the best. Please if you know anything about this can I get your opinion. Thanks!


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Even with Marrowwalks, I think you bone spells will be too weak. They require a fair bit of synergies to be effective. In my opinion Poison/Summon is the most effective hybrid build, but since you have maxed CE, you don't really have the points to pull it of, unless you lvl to around 99:) At this point in your build, your skills won't really help you that much, no matter what you choose. Instead try to get some better gear, Sigons/crappy ammy:)/Blackhand Key aren't exactly top of the line equipment.


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Well you've got about 11 points more before levelling up starts to take forever as well as any skill quests you may not have completed. I'll assume no quests remaining so that leaves you with 27 points.

Your items leave you with +7 plus skills that will affect the PNB branch. If you invest all of your remaining points into a bonespear attack you will be doing about 1,220 points of damage.

20 points in mages will get you about 2,000 points of damage assuming they cast once a second (which is my guesstimate based on watching them. Bonespear is firing about twice a second with that vipermagi of yours so you will actually get a little more killing speed out of the bone skills with what you currently have as long as you're firing BS constantly which you won't be doing when you are cursing, corpse exploding, or moving around.

Your mages, however will always be attacking any time enemies are nearby and also provide a bonus in the form of prevent heal and an additional chilling effect if you keep one ice and poison mage around.

Now, if you get yourself a +8 bonespear whitewand, you'll gain a little more speed and be doing closer to 2K damage per attack. I personally think it's better to have mages if you have full mastery already since BS will be a lot more effective with a 1/20 skeleton hybrid, but without having more +skills for your summons bone skills with white might be a better way to go.


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If you prefer bonespells, I would *probably* go for spirit -- but you would actually have to find out how much damage per time you do with each, and how much mana you use for that to make the decision.

You won't turn into a bonemancer, but spirits will help vs. hard physical immunes --- you don't have any other means to deal with them.

I'm also missing the decrepify curse in your list...


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I've already done all the skills quests, but still 16 pts is nothing to waste...I guess I prob put it in skele mage, but if any1 else has an idea, plz tell me.

P.S. The reason I dont like mages is they seem to die really quickly and don't offer much dmg. A 1k+ bonespear is kinda of exciting, especially for act bosses which my skeles take forever to kill.


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With his stuff and a +8 White Wand, Bonespear would actually do more damage, I think. It also pierces targets which is nice.

That bone damage isn't completely worthless though. You can use it to focus on whoever your merc is attacking to get corpses faster and spear pierces targets doing the same damage to enemies behind them. I just prefer mages unless I'm going with a hybrid that gets the most it can out of bone.

Basically here's the advantages disadvantages as I see them

More damage when active

You can pick your targets, allowing you to help your merc get that first corpse faster.

You will kill bosses faster.

It's fun to be proactive and help your minions out with some extra magic damage.


Always active

Lengthy duration poison attack acts like prevent heal.

Chill from an ice mage helps cripple bosses that have been hit by decrepify and your CG's slow effect even further.

It's fun to be lazy and watch your minions work for you.

sir goatscelot

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Yes synergies are costly but as Pher has said, if you really want to, you can use bone tree. I personally love my mages and would prob do what Pher has suggested. If you can hit 2k spear dmg though, it will make you more versatile I feel...but as said, it will be kind of difficult to do without good equipment.. Have fun.