SKelemancer Fun Guide to easy play


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SKelemancer Fun Guide to easy play

This guide is for an easy and fun skelemancer, when complete he will be able to solo hell full game no promblem but is also pretty capable of finishing hell without being that rich, when i started this necromancer i had just started over with no gear or anything, and it tooks me four days to get fully set up gear i will explain the areas for magicfinding without enigma etc. etc.


Strenght: i find i put 80 into this that is all that is needed to use your best items and since when you get enigma you well not need to worry about strenght so base strenght is 80

Dexterity: this is your personaly preference if you want max block you well want well over 200 in here but i found max block was not neccasery for this necro for he does not get hit that often so i kept this at base

Vitality: every other point goes into here by level 90 you should have around 1400 health without bo with the right equipment

Energy: no points needed at all i found for rushing doing what ever just throw an insight on your merc



Skeleton: your going to want 20 into here can i say more this is what the build is built around

Skeleton Mastery: your going to want 20 into here also

Skeleton Mage: this is personaly preference i put 20 into and i enjoy mages for the freezing affect the cold ones have but if not into mages then just put 1 here

Clay Golem: 1 point into there this well one of your main tanks but only point is needed at level 90 my clay golem with 1 point into had 14000 health so need i say more

Golem Mastery: i put 10 points here but it is also prefernce you can just one if you want i just wanted a golem who could tank alot of hits so i put 10 into here

Blood Golem: you well just want one into here for the bonuses it gives to clay golem

Summon Resist: just 1 point here its a 1 point wonder with skills added it well add a well decent amount of resist

Iron Golem: your going to put 1 point into here for bonus and this is useful for turning insight into iron golem which i will talk about later

Fire Golem: no points into here just found he was weak and useless and doesn't give any good bonuses

Revive: i put one point into here but found i never used it you might so your choice

Curses: all curses are one point wonders with all skills you can get upto 15 radius on most of them

Amplify Damage: this well be your main curse helps your skeles out alot and what makes you able to kill things alot faster

for the rest of the curses ignore the ones on the left and put 1 into each down the middle and right you will find you use them ever so often

Poison And Bone:

Teeth: one into here for prequences to bonewall and bone prison which increases bonearmour absorb

Bone Armour: one point is all you need

Corpse Explosion: this skill is amazing once when monster has died use this to kill everything around it so you well want to max this after you are done maxing everything else by level 90 you should have skill around level 15

Bonewall: one point here for the bonuses to bone armour

Bone SPear: one point here to get to bone prison

Bone Prison: one point here for bonearmour bonus

Bone Spirit: this is your preference you can put one point into here or max it if yuou not using mages so you could max but i think it would be weak i decided not to put one point into it


Helm: your going to want to use shako for your end result but for cheaper you can get tarnhelm or wormskull but you should be able to get shako with your forge results should only cost a pul

Wands: Arm of King Leoric i found gave nice bonuses and only costs pgems or lem if your richer then i would use hoto that is what i use or gravenspine if your really poor which only costs pgems or rare wands with plus skeles and mastery what ever you can find

Sheild: again homoculus is really cheap these days so i would suggest getting that and this is your personal choice if you want max block your to want to use homo for the increased chance to block, but if not my end result was boneflame 3 skills and 30 res

Armour: your end result you well want enigma in any kind of armour but if you can't not afford that just pick up a skin of vipermagi for pgems or que hagens both can you get you throught hell

Rings: personaly choice when you can afford get 2sojs if not just use rare ones with fcr life res, or dwarfstars, ravenfrost what ever you can your hands on

Amulets: again when you can afford get maras if yuou can't afford that then get 3 summon skill ammy which are pretty cheap or even anything well do i found myself using angelics ammy until level 80

gloves: your going want trangs gloves for the curses, and fcr they go for pgems also

boots: Marrowwalks when you can afford pick a pair that have 2 skeles if you cant afford then just go for 1 skele mastery for pgems

Charms: again if you can get um or ist off your forges trade for a cheap hellfire torch don't worry about getting anni i don't even use

as for hell forges if you manage to get ist or um off it trade ist for 2 um and if you get um trade for 2 pul and pay pul each for shako, arm of king leorics, homo, summon amy, and if you have left over get cheap necro torch for um


Act 2 merc offensive nightmare,

gear: andys helm, tals helm if your poor
for armour use fort if your rich if not shaftstop upped works to
weapon: note your merc is what gets bodys for you for your skeles to be revived so you well relyl on him when you start in a game so you well want to use insight if your running low on mana or infiniity if your rich and iron golem made from insight

As for stradegy this is pretty straight forward get amp damage as soon as you can and max skeles and mastery as soon as you can and just let your skeles do the work and cast amp damage on them, you can pretty much play that way throught to hell once in hell things get harder, and this is where you well want to use corpse explosion get your skelels to kill one thing use corpse explosion to damage eerything around it and keep useing corpse to finish off everything as for magicfinding, doing pit runs in hell are easy if you don't have enigma, if not just stick to baal and chaos games picking up drops, if your strong enuff you can do trav just be careful you well not be able to do until at least 80

once you get enigma it makes things alot easier just teleport around on top guy amp damage him and let your skeles kill it

always step back after teleing onto creature or group so you dont get damaged just sit back and watch use corpse explosion when you get 1 corpse and keep using it until everything is dead

telll me waht you think thois is first guide


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Re: SKelemancer Fun Guide to easy play

Not meaning to be harsh, but before posting a guide, you really should run it through a spell checker and proof read it for errors in grammar, punctuation, etc.

Bad spelling and what-not isn't a big deal in simple posts, but when presenting a document of some sort (in this case a player's guide), you should take the time to make it look good.


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Re: SKelemancer Fun Guide to easy play

First of all, welcome to the forums.

Not be a critic but:

1. Like the above mentionned, a (semi) good read is important. Your introduction alone seems to be something typed up in a very lazy manner. I can understand if English is not your primary language, but the main language of this site is English. Very basic things: 'i' should be capitalized, the use of your/you're, periods, all seem to be neglected. If you just wish to share your thought and experiences with the build, there's no need to call it a "guide".

2. The only guides this site needs are:
i. Updates of outdated guides
ii. *Polished* versions of pre-existing guides (e.g. TienJe's Bowazon)
iii. Guides that do not already exist - this can be a popular build no one has ever written a guide for, or new innovative ideas for gear, skill usage, gameplay, etc.
The Skelliemancer is covered extremely well in Nightfish's.

Your guide is not bad for those that do not want to read through or even skim through Nightfish's extremely long guide, and I do give you credit for making an effort to type this all up, but this guide is still very lacking even for a "quick-read" guide. You need better explanations and you need to improve the quality of the language here if you want the guide to be taken seriously.

For example:
"Revive: i put one point into here but found i never used it you might so your choice"

- Useful for _____________________
- Not useful because _____________________
- Personal experience: _____________________

A couple of concise points is all that's needed for a quick-read guide. That sentence alone is also in dire need of a period, capitals, and proper usage of "you're".

Good luck in the future. :thumbsup:


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Re: SKelemancer Fun Guide to easy play

The strategy section needs to be expanded greatly too. Everyone knows how to build a skelemancer. Not everyone knows how to play one efficiently. Cover dreaded monsters like souls, at least, especially when you are not using T-gods.

Speaking of which, your belt section is missing.