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Site domain and competition with other sites

Discussion in 'Site Feedback, Suggestions & Support' started by perl, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. perl

    perl IncGamers Member

    Aug 4, 2011
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    Site domain and competition with other sites

    As the Diablo 3 release date draws nearer, I have some concerns as to whether incgamers will remain the dominant Diablo fan site. The concern stems from the site being under 'incgamers' domain instead of having its own distinct domain and identity--something every other major site possesses.

    Established users of the site will mostly see nothing wrong with this, but to the flock of new people who will be searching for their goto D3 site, chances are they will skip incgamers in favour of a site with a friendlier domain.

    I was a visitor to a long time ago, and I remember it being the most established D2 site. I don't know when it moved to incgamers, but finding it again was difficult. I actually signed up at Diablofans before finding this site.

    I realise what I am saying is probably offensive to incgamers, whom I have never heard of previously. Part of the reason why I did not sign up here first was that I had thought of the diablo section as being just another small part of a gaming website ala Gamespot/IGN--one whose focus is on gaming in general. Of course, I found out this was not the case later. Still, I believe many diablo fans will think similarly and thus will find their home elsewhere.

    Looking at forum stats, I see other sites gaining lots of new users since the beta was released. I believe that something needs to be done about the site's identity if it wishes to remain as the top diablo fan community in the volatile times ahead.
  2. Rushster

    Rushster Administrator

    Jun 21, 2003
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    Re: Site domain and competition with other sites

    Hi Perl

    Thanks for your post. Diabloii.Net moved to incgamers quite a long time ago. Working under that domain was proving difficult for marketing reasons, we need to pay the bills somehow :). IncGamers is actually owned and run by the same folk who run the main site so we are on the ball when it comes to what is going on with the site.

    At the time we also shared your concerns but if you type in or in your browser you will end up here.

    Diablo: IncGamers is still, and will remain, the go-to site for everything Diablo thanks to the great team here and the fantastic content through our news coverage and of course DiabloWiki.Net. If any Diablo gamer ends up on the front of this site we are sure they will find everything they need, it is not a portal and is not designed in such a way.

    Domains are not that that relevant, it's the content that's our priority. Thanks for your feedback and I am just happy you found us :)
  3. Elly

    Elly Administrator

    Feb 22, 1997
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    Re: Site domain and competition with other sites

    As Rush said we were concerned at the time (maybe 2 years ago now) also but those concerns proved unfounded but as he pointed out DiabloII.Net and DIII.Net domains still work so past visitors will get here easily through their bookmarks.

    The site's growth was very steady up until 1st August when it became necessary overnight to increase our server capacity. Members will tell you that at that time it was a lottery whether you could reach the site. Since the new server has gone in the site traffic has increased by nearly double and it's increased every day. Far far beyond what we thought would happen. I anticipated speedier and a bit busier. Mostly I wanted speedier so I underestimated the importance of having a better server somewhat.

    I don't think being on IncGamers will start to hinder us after 2 years. I think the great community, content and news are why the site and forums are still the busiest in the community. I hope that the community still help spread the word about the site though. The team here is the same as it's always been with the addition of a few new faces in the mod and staff teams.

    I'm sure there will be other diablo sites that will prosper in the future, it's a huge community out there.

    As an aside, you mention IGN, we used to be on IGN years ago, won a couple of their fansite of the year awards too. At the time they said we were the busiest fansite they had ever had, "crazy busy". I remember thinking for the first time, wow this fansite malarkey can be pretty rewarding. Didn't think I'd still be doing it years later though :)

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