SirLionheart the Hammerdin


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SirLionheart the Hammerdin

So there I was, wondering how to celebrate my beta CtA, and my housemate decides to jump back into D2 with a HolyFire bowdin. Realising that it wasn't the strongest character ever, and I wanted a character to MP with over the summer months, I decided to rebuild Lionheart the Hammerdin.

Stats after killing Hell Baal

SirLionheart, lvl 83:

Strength: 92/109
Dexterity: 115/148
Vitality: 288/327
Energy: base
HP: 1068/1309
Mana: 138/487

With BO/BC/HS:
Life 2388
Mana 782
Defence 6146
Chance to block: 75%
Resistance: 75/75/78/75
MF: 232

Head: Shako, socketed with Um
Body: eth Skullder's, socketed with PTopaz
Weapon: 39 HotO in a flail
Shield: 45res/35FCR Spirit Sacred Targe
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachnid's Mesh
Boots: 49MF War travs
Amulet: 23 Mara's
Ring: Ravenfrost
Ring: Rare, 10FCR, 24FR +other stuff
Charms: 3 Lionbranded, 3 Captains, 1 7MF charm, 1 9FR charm

Total of +12 to all skills: 3(HotO), 2(spirit), 2(shako), 2(mara's), 1(arachnid's), 1(skullder's), 1(BC)
+3 extra skills to Combat and Offensive Auras

20/35 BH, Conc +prereqs
20/?? BA, Vigour +prereqs
1/13 in Cleansing
1/13 in Redemption +prereqs
1/13 in Salvation
7/20 in Resist Lightning
lvl 22 Battle Command
lvl 23 Battle Orders (101% life/mana)
lvl 16 HS (405sec, 265% defence, +34% CTB)

leads to 10K-10K hammers

Durga, HF merc
Insight in a Great Poleaxe (non eth)
Stealskull, and Duriels
Damage(with HF, BC, conc): 1890-4166
Life(with BO): 3743
The BO and concentration really helped Durga, and he only died a few times, mainly to gloams (see later)


We got to level 15 together with a one point might aura, a rare eth bardiche for me and a topaz bow for him. At level 15 I gave him a 1.09 ravenclaw, and off we went, and by that I mean that he killed everything with HF, and I did my best impression of an act2 merc.

At level 29 I strapped on the usual caster gear, gave my merc an insight, and hammered on, nothing could stop us now, and with baal dead and a few runs completed, we were level 45.

I threw on the 6 skillers, got the other gear from Lionheart, and off we went; the ride went extremely smoothly, and before we knew it we were clearing out the real tomb, gaining three!! levels in the process. I hired Durga, and his HF aura gave me the safety I badly needed, as I had to wait until lvl57 to get HS. Mephisto laughed himself to death, and Diablo was dead, after the OKs made it clear that the Chaos Saunctuary was no place for mercs. The addition of the CtA made everything much easier, 75% block is so nice.

Act5 NM was easy, no gloams, just frenzytaurs, Baal's minions died a couple of times, and then I misclicked and we entered Hell mode..

SirLionheart was fine at p5, but Bowdin wasn't, and so the roles reversed, I was the all conquering hero, he was doing an impression of a fire golem. Andy was easy, cleansing flashed inbetween conc to keep the mercs alive.

Act2+3: I was the sole killer, hammering through everything with two exceptions: the maggot lair and the ruined temple. The lair was perfect for a piercing bowdin, and he cleared a path to the queen. The temple spawned Magic Immune (and BH immune) wailing beasts, he dealt with that champion pack while I wiped out Battlemaid Serina. The Durance was full of dolls however, but the Council/Meph were walkovers; then my D2 crashed as we entered act4, and we went through lots of dolls again.:angry:

Act4: my housemate was fed up, and told me he would do act5 with another character that could actually help me:rolleyes: The plains of desair spawned lots of gloams, and they came with delicious mods like cursed EF; however liberal use of cleansing and redemption, along with the P word (Potions) we found izzy and saved his soul.
Hephasto was easy, he spawned LE HolyShock Stoneskin. The CS was again a no-go area for mercs, but 800 mana and redeeming helped me kill diablo, and we entered act5. My D2 crashed again, but we were still in Harrogath phew

Act5: Bowdin was retired having claimed Pul from the Forge, and Elegost the LF/CS/Valk amazon joined me through hell at p5. We charged through Shenk and Eldritch, finding a 178/8 poison sc. Pushing we reached the crystaline passage, found the wp and went to find Anya, where she was guarded by gloams, in particular several double boss packs which had nasty mods (see NDE section later)

The glacial trail had pathetic skeletons, so I cranked it to p8. Everything in the GT was LI, but hammers, the mercs, and the valk soon lead us to the Tundra, with skeleton archers, imps, and death beserkers. The evil urn guarding the Ancients' Way dropped a 15resall/3str jewel, which my housemate kept.

The Ancients way itself had another easy roll, so p8 it was. I saw Elegost Charged Striking quill rats next to an evil urn, so I popped it, heard a GC drop, and ran into the spawned quill rat pack, which had backup from a ES blessed aim quill rat. After hammering those to death:

Elegost: wow, you're not gonna believe this
Me(thinking): cool a LB life skiller
Elegost: check this out *drop*
Me: *hits Alt* OMG

after giving it back, so he could S+E to guarantee it (my D2 has been playing up) he gave it back to me and we continued at p8, visiting the icy cellar before dropping to p1 for the ancients. They spawned nicely, with cursed, FE, LE, magic resistant being the only mods I remember

The WSK went at p7, with no bad rolls. The only notable mention goes to a 7MF sc which I wore immediately. The blow dart flayers in level 3 were no match for LF. Then came the throne, I dropped it to p1 just in case....

and I'm glad I did, it opened with a cursed gloam pack, with champ gloams on top. After hammering those seemingly several times, I spotted a black ball, and realised: unravellers! After hitting that guy I thought no way, and vigoured to the throne, which was home to 7 vampires and an unraveller:grin:

Went to p8 for the minion packs:
Colenzo's: cursed us, then died
Achmel's: cursed us, then died
Bartuc's: cursed us, cast hydras, then died
Ventar's: cursed us, took some life, died
Lister's:cursed us, took the merc to a sliver, took me to halfway, died

Baal was at p3, tele'd on top of my Kelpie Merc, stood still, and died, dropping the usual rubbish.

HF: Eth|Pul|Ist
BK Ring

He didn't die, but that doesn't mean he didn't have...
No1: NM Durance- a double doll explosion took me to 11 health
No2: NM Icy Cellar- a FE LE Yeti death explosion took 1600 life
No3:Hell Palace Cellar- a double might/conviction mage/archer pack, with extra archers, killed Bowdin and took off 1900 health
No4: Plains of despair- a ES LE boss gloam pack with company required several full rejuvs
No5:Frozen River- double gloam boss with cursed
No6:Frozen River- double gloam boss with cursed and ES

Wow, that was long, thanks for reading!!

Final comment:

This was my first planned character, designed to dish out lots of damage, be able to take it, and to carry a useful amount of MF for MP purposes, and I think I've succeeded:
  • 125 FCR breakpoint
  • 10K hammers
  • 2300+life
  • 230+ MF
  • High level BO/Salvation for MP
  • CBF
  • Max resists
Questions/comments welcome, and he'll be seeing you soon


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Re: SirLionheart the Hammerdin

NICE accomplishments!!

Question: I got my HF Merc when I was level 9 after a rush to NM Act2. He started at level 8 I think. He has never cast an aura yet....NONE, NOT ONCE. I'm not level 38 after killing the Ancients I was hoping it would turn on his aura, but NO :(

I'm new and returning about being gone 6 years from game. Anyone have a clue what is wrong here? I was hoping to build his health up real good levelling him from a low level.

*edit* I still have not done Nilhathak

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Re: SirLionheart the Hammerdin

Nice work! I liked my Hammerdin, didn't get those damage numbers though. I've only got those damage numbers with my TS/DTail 'sin.


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Re: SirLionheart the Hammerdin

Congrats on the pat :thumbsup:
Seems like the Beta CtA did its job when needed. Those damage values you listed as NDEs would instantly take out any of my characters :rolleyes:

And yeah, "funny" builds stop being funny from act4 onward. That's why me and Hrus also have at least one character able to kill something when MPing :cool:

Good luck on Baal-runs, or whatever!