Sips Dtalon


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Sips Dtalon

Anyone have sips dtalon guide/disscussion saved? I looked for it, but couldnt find it. :( TY in advance


Dahkar said:
Yes it is, im wondering how much base dex/str since str adds dmg
Sorry, it got deleted when the forums went crazy and deleted all the threads/posts. It went a little something like this:

Level 25-26 kicksin:
Max Dragon talon
1 point in dragon flight
5 in burst of speed (will be 7 with items, giving 41% ias)
1 in prereq. to these skills.

If you only want a normal rush, then make a level 26 assasin (gives you 29 skill points to work with, which is just enough for the skills). If you are going to nm+, go to level 25, and put all additional points into dragon flight.

Now the gear:
3 perfect rubied
4 perfect rubied armor OR artisans armor of life with 3x p rubies.
Angelics amulet and 2 rings
Bloodfists gloves
deaths belt
Sigons tower shield with "eld" rune in it
"strength" runeworded Blade talon, kris or schimitar (it must be -20 attack speed for the right ias breakpoint to be met) I suggest 2 socket blade talon (runeword is Amn-tir)
Two +1 assasin skills claws on switch (for casting burst of speed)
Rare/magical War boots. They must be war boots for maximum damage. You can get a good 20%faster run, +stats rare pair or just grab some magical crap ones.
Charms:15 life smalls, +5 str/dex larges and a few elemental (cold damage) to suit your needs. Max damage charms and jewels dont work with this build.

Keep in mind that Max damage jewels and charms dont affect kick damage, so be happy you dont have to gather tons of expensive jewels/charms. Elemental damage (from charms) will affect kick damage but it will not show up on listed damage. THis can be verified by kicking things and the elemental attack will show up. Enhanced damage jewels do work with this build, but they add very little damage. I find that if you want a damage boost, Switch from a 3 p rubied helm to a 3 P amythiested helm, this will add about 60 to max damage.

Stats with this build should be....
125 strengh with all gear on (just enough for boots)
67 dex (if using Eld sigons) or enough dex for max block
ALL vitality, put the remainging points in here
None energy.

A few tips when dueling:
Before a duel, switch to the +1 assasin skill claws and cast (level 7) burst of speed. Switch back to "strength" weapon and sigons shield.

Chargers are easy to kill. There are a few ways of really nailing them. I suggest saving your dragon flight (teleport kick) for the end of the duel, to surprise them. You can wait for them in a corner, when they charge you, block them and Dragon talon them. They should either die, exit, or run away. If they run away, Dragon flight right on top of them then dragon talon as fast as you can. That should definately finish em off.

If you know your opponent uses chicken (Exits instantly when you kick them) just forget it. If you really hate them, get your friend to enchant you, then kill em in 1 hit.

When dueling other kickers, its important to try to dragon talon them at all times. Be the first to attack and be aggressive.

level 30-50 sorcs are very easy to kill, unless they are especially made for dueling. Keep a 3 perfect diamonded shield in your stash to give you max resists against these ladies. They usually have low life and will die if you get a lucky hit.

This is comming from someone who has made Four, going on five kicksins. (MK-Defender 5 is in the makings). I still have a mule full of level 50+ ears and if you want some more advice, PM me or whisper *sip1 on Useast ladder.

have fun killing everyone with a dirt cheap build :lol:



My name is "Reset_Plz", This screenie is from last night. To view it, copy and paste in browser or click and drag to browser.

Yeah This is really old. Since then I have made a new kicksin with pretty much the same stuff but other modifications.

My damage is around 420 listed (good # eh?) not counting elemental damage.
My life is about 900 when I use my strength blade talon/sigons shield configuration. This combo is used for dueling melee.
My life is about 930 when I use my 2x strength blade talon configuration. I use this combo for Pking since it adds alot to my damage and crushing blow as well as speeds me up. I also use it for some elemental duelers.

When i duel enchanted people or fire sorcs I put on a 30% fire resist gc and use nokazon relic. This gives me 85 for fire resist and it works quite well.

I made this assasin yesterday and so far i have 5 ears. I'd probably have close to 15 if people did not use chicken hack. Although i did kill one egotistical chickening jerk with a friends 5,200 added fire damage enchant.


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a tip: dont need str for boots, they work once equipped with charms (then charms removed)


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Sip, you can also use Angelic Sword and another Sig shield on switch to get your +2 for casting BoS etc. They, at least for me, are a lot easier to aquire than shopping and shopping till you find (2x) +1 claws. just thought Id mention it.


Thanks guys...Im aware of both.

I use the strength "bug" on my new assasin. I only have about 100 strength with all my gear on.

I figured it would be easier to buy a couple of +1 all or +1 shadow disc than try to trade with Bnetters for their godly sigon shields and angelic swords.


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Sip said:
I figured it would be easier to buy a couple of +1 all or +1 shadow disc than try to trade with Bnetters for their godly sigon shields and angelic swords.
Oh so true, OH SO TRUE!

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