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Single Tree Build guide

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Uzziah, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Uzziah

    Uzziah IncGamers Member

    Feb 20, 2004
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    Single Tree Build guide

    Ok so work is slow today, and people have been asking about these builds alot, so here is the first 2/3rd of my guide for your review and comments:

    please note I have not edited its content yet, some of the wording and grammer will be changed to make it more concise.
  2. Uzziah

    Uzziah IncGamers Member

    Feb 20, 2004
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    Guide to Single Tree builds

    Builds in General
    • Power Houses
    • Iron Clad
    • Control Freaks

    Single Trees and Troubles
    • Synergies
    • Limited Damage Sources
    • No Damage Trees

    Basics to Successful Builds
    • Skills
    • Stats
    • Equipment
    • Skills Revisited

    Builds In General

    Builds mainly consist of 3 basic styles:
    Power Houses - Mainly strong skills and little thought to anything else (called glass cannons upon occasion).

    Iron Clad – These are defensive in nature they are the mind set of many small hits while really well protected from anything they can throw at you.

    Control Freaks – These are the builds where controlling crowds and making monsters into piles of moldable goop is thought of well.

    Power Houses

    How does one build a powerhouse? Well I see a powerhouse as a glass cannon they usually have one really strong skill and 1 secondary skill to handle immunity issues.

    Typically a high powered skill is chosen for the build, for instance Blizzard. Then all the synergies are identified: Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, and Glacial Spike. Lastly any secondary skills that help boost damage are considered: cold Mastery. At this point I have identified 5 skills for my example, of which cold mastery is considered helpful only to slvl 17, and +skills are considered with equipment so 5-10 in cold mastery is expected. That takes the necessary skill points used thus far to 91 skill points used. This is clvl what 79? Hence this build without any other skills is not complete until early to mid Hell and then it’s out of skills to beat cold immune monsters.

    I see a lot of problems with these type of design:
    1. Lots of power until they hit immune monsters
    2. No consideration of characters protection
    3. Combining Mercenaries with the build

    Ways to beat the system:
    1. Use skills that are strong with little help from synergies: Frozen Orb, Lightning Fury, Berserk, etc.
    2. Use multiple damage synergies: Fire Blast and Lightning Sentry, Vengeance and Resist skills, etc.
    3. Use skills that protect and provide synergies, cyclone armor and hurricane, bone spear and bone prison, etc.

    Basically one will notice Power Houses used for PvP, and the more common Girl Scout Thin Mint’s contain the ways to beat the system. Furyzons, Trappers, Bonemancers, windy druids, etc. They are effective in certain situations but over all they each have specific weaknesses. More often then not controlling mobs and protection from being hit is a forgotten element. Little thought is given to such builds, sorry chips ahoy guide writers.

    Iron Clad

    What’s an Iron Clad and why make one? An Iron Clad is a nautical term for the olden days when steel sheets were affixed to wooden boats for added protection during warfare maneuvers. In Diablo 2 LOD Iron Clad are builds that focus on defensive skills; vitabarbs, defiance paladins, ironbarbs, etc. are examples of Iron clad builds. Why on earth would someone want to make an Iron Clad? They have only defensive skills so killing with them is hard.

    Typically an Iron Clad is made by focusing on skills that boost: Defense, resistances, PDR, and elemental reduction. One starts by taking skills like Iron Skin, Shout, Defiance, and Battle Orders. Then adjusting their equipment around defensive statistics they max blocking, PDR, and resistances. On the average these builds fair well in both PvP and PvM. The problem is killing and kill speed.

    I see some problems with these type of builds as well:
    1. Lack of killing skills
    2. Lack of versatility in damages
    3. Lacking in ability to control crowds

    Ways to beat this system:
    1. Use controlling skills to create defense
    2. Find dual purpose equipment for defenses, take a bit less defense to gain some killing ability, having 45% PDR isn’t bad if they get 10% better damage overall, or another damage source.
    3. Learn to take your time while playing, defensive builds are typically slower builds and require a bit more patients in playing.

    Overall defensive builds are some of your better builds, skellymancers are a defensive build, so are Iron barbs they rarely die when playing PvM, and they stand up well to PvP. In my opinion they are slow and boring. Fudge rounds are made to be eaten, these builds are made to endure many types of attack. Still they are produced in multitudes like fudge rounds coming in the 16 pack.

    Control Freaks

    Control freaks like manipulation, they use controlling skills like mindblast, dim vision, howl, and bone prison to do their bidding. By controlling monsters you can defeat fire with fire.

    What so bad about control? Well these builds focus on PvM control of monsters, they lack fire power and are only defended by the control they exert. If they get mobbed they are dead. They are also the hardest builds to play alone. Imagine not being able to attack but having other monsters attack for you. The problem is I like these types of builds they give me a challenge in playing.

    Typically building of these characters includes crowd control, one power source usually a minion of some sort, some defense usually blocking with bone wall type skills. Stunning effects should be used by all control freaks, having an enemy sitting on their thumbs is great crowd control and mob protection.

    I see a lot of problems with these type of builds:
    1. Little killing power
    2. Little defensive protection
    3. Slow control is needed, no real rushing ability

    Ways to beat the system:
    1. Use a power skill, bone prison with bone spears firing across
    2. Crowd control and power skills working together, frost nova works as a crowd control and damage skill.
    3. Avoid pure control builds, curse only necros are hard very, very hard.
  3. Uzziah

    Uzziah IncGamers Member

    Feb 20, 2004
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    Single Tree Builds and Their Troubles

    Ok now that I tore apart all the primary styles of builds out there and the problems with each of them. I will further ruin the hearts of Cookie Monsters, I don’t use more than 1 skill tree with builds in my grail. Now this was a challenge I posted to myself long ago, to build successfully 21 single tree builds capable of beating Nightmare Baal. At the time of this posting a majority of those builds have completed Normal, some have completed Nightmare, a few have continued successfully into Hell, and 1 has beat Hell Baal.

    The design of these builds has been completely new and unique, from their play I have found some tricks to using your skills to their greatest advantage. Having only one skill tree to work with has produced many troubling times, even some of the trees most people see as being easy to work with can become a true challenge.


    This is a subject to get into when talking about single tree builds. Some skill trees have no synergies at all (combat masteries, curses), some have lots of interlocking synergies (traps, elemental), and some have synergies that are mainly out of the skill tree (paladin skills, combat skills {barb}, Shapeshifting). This lends itself to a big issue with single tree builds, how do you get the power to kill without synergies? To be honest You can not , that’s what makes single tree builds hard.

    Synergies take a few different forms on the skill trees:
    • Increase damage – the most often seen synergy
    • Increased stat – usually found on minion skills
    • Increased lengths – usually found on cast and forget skills

    Using the synergies to your advantage is how you can successfully maximize skills a build can produce. Not having synergies makes some build much, much harder. So the question is; how can you use synergies inside of a single tree character. Well for a hard case and a good example let’s look at the Paladin’s Combat Skills tree.

    Like all skill trees this one has 10 skills. Let’s also not worry about smite and conversion as they have no synergies.

    That leaves:
    Sacrifice, Zeal, Vengeance,
    Holy Bolt, Blessed Hammer, Fist of Heavens,
    Charge and Holy Shield.​

    Now I went straight down the columns to come up with these skills and I broke them intentionally to show a point. The skills in most trees can be done like this, though the types of skills vary. The first column is melee skills, the second casting skills, and the third is a different type of melee skills, and assisting skills.

    Let’s then separate Sacrifice, Vengeance, Blessed Hammer, Charge, Fist of Heavens and Holy Shield from the others. Each of these contains synergies but they are all aura synergies. These skills would also be working only by themselves as if they had no synergies.

    That leaves us with 2 skills that we can synergize in this skill tree, as I said earlier
    So when looking to make a single tree combat skills paladin, I would start by looking into using these 2 skills in my build. I haven’t taken this build far yet but I have made a skill setup for this build, here is how it goes:

    20 Holy Bolt
    20 Fist of Heaven
    20 Zeal
    20 Sacrifice
    1 Holy Shield
    1 Each Pre-Requirement.

    I will be using each synergy to its advantage, while staying within my limits to skill points, in my case I have 86 skill points used. Additional skill point will most likely go into Holy Shield to build a better protection against the monsters of Nightmare and Hell.

    Take a look at the Barbarian Combat Skills tree: Can you see how it’s divided skill wise? What skills are synergizing with in the skill tree, what skills are not? How can you use that to your advantage?

    I have come up with 3 possible builds using this beginning thought process on this skills tree. Are you able to see them?

    Limited Damage Sources

    Synergies are great and all but they really are just damage boosters, there is another important thing to be concerned with. Damage sources, are important because of immunities. There are 6 types of damage sources:
    1. Physical
    2. Magical
    3. Fire
    4. Cold
    5. Lightning
    6. Poison

    On each skill, that deals damage, one or more of these damage sources are present. Even with synergies the single tree builds can have problems with getting multiple damage sources. The prime example of this is the Sorceress skill trees.

    I will go over gaining multiple damage sources by using one of my favorite skill trees, the druid elemental skill tree.

    This skill tree consists of 3 sources of damage: Cold, Fire, and Physical. The tree consists of 10 skills again like every skill tree. Let me again go down the columns of the skill tree as I did before.

    This skill tree contains:
    Fire Storm, Molten Boulder, Fissure, Volcano, Armageddon
    Twister, Tornado, Hurricane
    Arctic Blast and cyclone armor​

    Notice again the columns have different skill types. The first column deals with fire damage, the second are Wind base skills (physical and a bit of cold), and the third is accessory skills (crowd control and defensive). Unlike the paladin skills tree every skill in this tree has synergies with the other skills. But how do you create a build that deals multiple types of damage? You could build completely with fire skills, and have plenty of damage, I have heard of 14K+ damage coming from the Armageddon skill. But what does that do against the fallen of Hell? Nothing absolutely nothing, luckily a few of the skills in this tree deal multiple types of damage, molten boulder and volcano for example. The point here is build around to gain at least 2 damage sources.

    But what about skill trees like the Combat Masteries Tree where nothing gives you a damage source other than melee, this is also true about the sorceress skill trees. How do you gain a second damage source? Well that’s simple you have to gain it completely from equipment, or Mercenaries.


    Take a look at the Spear and Javalin skill tree, Use the synergy section to pick out the synergy skills. Now consider the damage sources, can you get more than 1 damage source? Which 3 damage sources are available in this skill tree? How many skill points are needed to make these sources viable to use?

    Can you create a skill plan from the above answers? I only came up with 2 build ideas for this skill tree, the main one was lightning fury/plague javelin. With a bit of work it can be quite Hell viable, the problem is getting pierce for lightning fury.

    No Damage Skill Trees

    There are a few Skill trees that have no damage sources in them;
    • Curse Tree
    • Defensive Aura Tree
    • Warcries Tree (yes there is one skill warcry that deals damage)
    How does one create a build using these skill trees? Well these are the tough builds; they have to resort to Iron Clad and Control Freak builds and have to stay within the narrow ideals of those builds. Being creative will allow one to succeed with these builds.

    Creativity? What ideas can be considered creative? Well Oskills were introduced in D2LOD 1.10, let’s start with them.
  4. Uzziah

    Uzziah IncGamers Member

    Feb 20, 2004
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    Oskills are from Equipment these are some of the most popular Oskills and how to get them.

    • fireball – 2 parts trang’s set
    • firewall – 3 parts trang’s set
    • Meteor – 4 parts trang’s set
    • Whirl Wind – Chaos Claws therefore assassin only
    • Zeal – Passion runeword
    • Battle Orders – Call to Arms runeword

    Now some of these Oskills by themselves are extremely weak, a slvl 18 fireball for example only deals about 180 damage per hit, clearly not enough to even consider handling Hell. Therefore, other tricks and methods will be needed to make these effective.

    Charge/Synergy Bug
    Well in 1.10 another Bug/feature was introduced, it is known as the charge/synergy bug.
    Commonly called the marrowwalk bug, it is a bug that takes charges and turns them into synergies for other skills. I happen to have studied in depth this bug, the following is what I found:

    General rule about the charge bug:
    Charges will add synergy to skills If and only If no points or staffmods are present to give that skill to a character. The synergy is give equal to the slvl of the charge being used it doesn’t matter if the slvl is greater than 20. Having 0 of XX charges will result in the synergies disappearing.

    More indepth:
    • Synergies are added to all skill types including but not limited to; skills the character possesses, skill produced by staffmods, Oskills, Other charges, and Chance to Cast skills.
    • The bug is not effective on Mercenaries, even if they have no skill points in a synergy skill.
    • The game recognizes the highest slvl of the charges as being the synergy charge (in other words you can have marrowwalks and another source of bone prison charges on at the same time without worry the bone prison synergy will be slvl 33.
    • Multiple charged items for multiple synergies will still work (what I mean here is if you have hydra from a staff mod, and have ring of firebolt and ring of fireball, you will get both the firebolt and fireball synergies to your hydras.)
    • Using all the charges on a charged item will stop the synergy bonus from being effective.
    • Summoned minions maintain the charge bug synergy bonus even when the item producing the bonus is removed (this means you can prebuff summons from charges)
      A point needed to be made, the charges creating the summon must remain on the character or the summon will disappear.

    The charge bug can be used with other charged items such as clay golem from the stone armor and bloodmoon for the blood golem charge synergy. In hell you get a clay golem with 3005 life, an added tank for any build.

    So charges of minions can be very helpful, though other charges are just for synergizing. That brings up another tool you can use, charges.

    Charges are on many type of equipment. However they are very expensive and very easily useless. Well except for a few type of charges. Charges can be broken into 3 groups:
    • Minion Skills
    • Assisting Skills
    • Spamming Skills

    Minion Skills – These are very useful charge skills they cast a minion for the character and that minion can live for many hours of game play if one takes care of them. Boosting their defense, life and damage with the charge bug or skill points can be quite useful. There cost to usefulness is minor, I can cast a clay golem for about 4800 gold and have it fight for about half an act of Hell before dying. This is less expensive than my mercenary.

    Assisting Skills – These are mainly curses, enchant, and crowd control skills. They are used mainly with challenging bosses and champion packs. The point is control and boosting the characters abilities. A few of these are worth the cost, for example enchant from demon limb, life tap against the ancients, slvl 1 teleport, etc. Use these skills sparingly, they are expensive and they only provide you with limited amounts of help, when the timer runs out your down the amount to repair the charges.

    Spamming Skills – These are nasty pointless and expensive. They do little damage and are cast in fast order, using lots of charges and getting little results. These include, frozen orb, firebolt, fireball, icebolt, poison nova, poison dagger, bash, sacrifice, etc. I highly suggest avoiding using them as charges, using them as synergies is a good way to use them, though they are normally low in slvl, they can provide a bit of synergy that you normally wouldn’t have. Slvl 7 fissure for instance gives 168% extra damage to firestorm (which can be a ctc by the way).

    Staffmods violate my puritan rules a bit for the grail but, they can be very useful. For example, the defensive aura paladin can invest in the 4 resistance skills and then get a scepter with +3 vengeance. Staffmods can also be used to avoid breaking the charge/synergy bug, I used this with my elemental druid while wearing stone armor for the synergy to firestorm I used a pelt to gain Armageddon as a skill.

    Not much more can be said about staffmods, they give you a skill you wouldn’t normally have, and the will boost a skill you do have.


    So how does one use these for a harder builds. Well I am not a rocket scientist (nope I can’t say that, umm) it’s not hard but takes some thought. This guide in not intended to give you the answers but to help you arrive at them yourself, So I will give some examples of how I have used these on my builds.

    Example 1 the elemental druid
    I started this druid using the synergy and damage sources design ideas and said to myself I can make a dual elemental druid using both fire and wind skills. After a look around the items list found here (use the menu on the left for all the item pages.) I was able to narrow down my choice of items. I came up with Earthshifter and Stone runeword. I had the runes for Stone, and found the requirement much easier to swallow so I built around using it for the charge bug. The charges of clay golem proved to be very helpful as well, after playing into Hell I decided to get a bloodmoon for the switch to boost the clay golem charges.

    But that was not all I did with this build, I added a pelt with +3 armageddon to the mix, it allowed me to gain a skill that I was not able to place points in while using the stone armor. The skill was already heavily synergized by firestorm and molten boulder so it did well to have only 8-12 in slvl for that skill.

    Example 2 the defensive aura paladin
    Though this build is still in the works I wanted to mention it here because it is the definitive pain in the arse single tree build. I have decided upon using defiance and meditation with this build, basically while fighting I will use defiance for the extra defense while between fights I will change to meditation with prayer synergy to replenish my life and mana.

    For this build I have decided to change the paladin into a mage. I have gathered the following items:
    1. Trang’s gloves
    2. Trang’s belt
    3. Trang’s Armor
    4. Moonfall
    5. Rare ring with slvl 5 firebolt
    6. High poison damage secondary weapon

    From these items I have:
    Slvl 18 fireball; synergized by 11 meteor, and 5 firebolt
    Slvl 12 firewall
    25% increased poison damage (which I plan to use)

    This will result in about 600 damage from each of the 2 fire skills; typically I see 1000 damage as being the lowest marker for hell viable builds. Well This build only shows 2 skills both of which are fire based, so I need another damage source. That’s where the 25% poison damage is coming in. I have a mace with 401 poison damage over 10 seconds, I plan to get a couple other high damage rate poison charms to build my poison damage to over 1000 damage per whatever seconds. At least I will have a second damage source that is close to hell viable. If I were really rich I would get the Trang’s helm, a stone armor and a doom for the switch; that way I could add a volcano and holy freeze aura to the build, granted I would lose the 11 meteor synergy to fireball so firewall, volcano, and holy freeze would be my damage sources.
  5. jiansonz

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    You forgot my favourite: Berserk - Passion runeword
  6. Uzziah

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    Feb 20, 2004
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    Rest of guide

    Basics to Successful Builds

    Now to get on to the real point of this guide, How to build single tree characters. As we have learned skills are limited, synergies are even further limited, we need to produce 2 or more sources of damage, and we need to use our equipment to our advantage. So what are the steps to designing a single tree character?

    To accomplish making a single tree build and creating a plan for the build I will work out an example of one of the harder Single tree builds. For the example I have chosen the Poison and Bone Skill tree.

    Here are my steps to designing a build:
    1. choose a character and skill tree
    2. go through all possible skills and pick out the ones you wish to use
    3. determine amounts of skill points should be used in each skill
    4. determine how your stat points should be assigned
    5. determine special equipment used by the build
    6. determine the rest of the equipment for the build
    7. re-evaluate skill placement and adjust accordingly

    Step 1
    Choose a character, one that you have not played, love to play, or have been challenged to play. My choice is the Necromancer.

    Choose a skill tree, since I have been challenged to do all the skill trees I randomly picked Poison and bone Skills.

    Step 2
    Going through the bone skill tree:

    Like I did earlier we will take the tree apart by columns:

    Poison Dagger, Poison Explosion, Poison Nova – Poison column

    Teeth, Corpse Explosion, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit – Bone offensive column

    Bone Armor, Bone Wall, Bone Prison – Bone Protection and control column
    Luckily each of these skills has synergies within the skill tree. So we can fairly consider all skill game for full use. I need to bring up the point of STYLE here, when building challenging builds half of the object is to be original and stylish in how the build will work, while still being viable. Bone Spear necromancers are common place, so I want to be original and work with some of the other skills, teeth is not common but requires a ton of skill points. Besides this really only leaves one damage source (magic damage) as I mentioned before I would rather have 2 or more sources of damage. So what about poison? Well poison necromancers are somewhat common but are more rare and interesting, so I will work with those skills a bit. Again poison is a single damage source, so what other skill do we want? My answer is Corpse Explosion it produces fire and physical damage.

    Take note also that the synergy of bone armor is stronger than additional points in bone armor. I also want to be semi protected so I will add points into the protection and control column.

    Step 3

    So from above poison is my main damage source followed by corpse explosion. I also want points in protective skills. I am not worried about bone offensive skills so I will only place points for pre-requirement.

    My solution for skill points based on 100 skill points (expect to hit clvl 90 at most) is this:

    20 Poison Dagger
    20 Poison Explosion
    20 Poison Nova
    1 Teeth
    19 Corpse Explosion
    1 Bone Spear
    10 Bone Prison
    10 Bone Wall
    1 Bone Armor

    step 4

    Stat points, they are the life blood of many builds. You need them for equipment, life, and mana. How you level up and use your stat points is more of a player’s choice and play style. For instance, hardcore players tend to spend more points in vitality in the earlier part of the game, where as a soft core player may spend more points in strength to get their equipment on earlier. But over all the average build has the following ideals for stat points:

    • Strength – enough for equipment
    • Dexterity – enough for blocking
    • Vitality – Remaining points
    • Energy – for most builds none

    For most of the single tree builds this stat layout works. This build uses 2 spamming skills and is capable of using 3 skills effectively. I would vary slightly by adding a few points into Energy in the early game say maybe 10-20 points added into energy. But this can be ignored if you can get +mana items onto the build, so remember that with the next portion of this build design.

    For the poison and bone necromancer I will be using a shield so dexterity for the shield is a must. There is an equation for getting max blocking, I will show it when choosing equipment as it is more fitting there. I don’t know my equipment yet but I will guess at strength of 100 for my equipment, will alter this to meet equipment once they are chosen. Vitality is always important and will gain the remaining points.

    Step 5

    Special Equipment

    Looking back to earlier I said that charges, oskills, and chance to cast were important to consider with single tree build (in fact every build), so why not look over the equipment available and what works with this build. Again equipment stats are located here .

    After a quick glance we can see a few usable items of equipment. Marrow Walk boots for instance have slvl 33 charges of bone prison, a great addition to our bone armor. Another Item of interest is the Venom runeword, it has charges of poison nova and poison explosion. However, we are looking to use poison explosion and poison nova as our main skills, so we need skill points in them, using the charge bug won’t work with this setup.

    Now as an interesting twist we could also consider carrying bonehew as a secondary weapon, with the skill point we have in bone spear synergies and the bonehew’s chance to cast, we have a chance to cast capable of providing several 100 in damage IIRC its about 600-700 damage.

    We will only be using Marrow Walk boots for this build; venom is just too hard to work into the build considering the need for actual skills. Bonehew is a two handed weapon and voids our use of a shield so it’s not ideal for a caster style build, I will leave that out of the build as well.

    Step 6

    Choosing other equipment is a matter of preference, some people work out what type of stats they will want (FCR, Life, PDR, MDR, Absorbs, etc.) others like to focus on using specific uniques and sets they already have, yet still others like to go untwinked and use builds that have only items they find along the way.

    I fall in the first and last categories, I like to think about what my character needs and try to find equipment that meets those requirement. Some build are meant for the untwinked challenge, this may not be one of them.

    For this build we have a few concerns:
    • Spamming Skills – Corpse Explosion
    • Long Duration Skills – Poison Nova
    • Concern for Protection – Bone Armor, Long durations of waiting for monsters to die.

    Spamming skills – We want to be able to cast these fast and repeatedly, so we need to get some faster cast rate into the build.

    Long Duration Skills – These are cast and “forget†skills, in our case we have a hit and run strategy that needs to be used, maybe knock back or chance for monsters to run away would help. (As a side note, I figured out how to use poison and warcries together to gain an advantage, cast Howl to scare off poisoned monsters as they run away they die.), any of the physical damage mercenaries can be used to give knock back and monsters run away.

    Concern for Protection – Since we are using hit and run techniques with this build a fair amount of concern should be focused on protections such as resistances and physical damage reduction. We can reach max resistances in Hell if we spend some time focusing on them and our equipment, maxing out PDR will be fairly fast with the use of uniques and our blocking should be at 75% with some work of our dexterity and shields.

    Equipment by the Piece

    Helm – We can gain +3 poison and bone skills here or we can gain +skills and resistances here the choice is up to us. I would prefer to gain some skills and plenty of PDR/resistances in this slot.

    Weapon – We are using wands here they provide +skills, Staffmods, and mana to our build. We get to have 1 wand we better make sure it’s a powerful one.

    Shield – We are looking for blocking and resistances in our shield, but as a necromancer we also can get staffmods and +skills by using our class specific shrunken heads, Let’s look for a necromancer head to fill these needs.

    Using this equation we can pick a shield and dexterity to use that shield at max blocking.

    Armor – We are looking for defense, resistances and protection to gain from the armor choice. One choice we could consider is the Bramble runeword not for its protection but for the extra %ED to poison, our necromancers main skill is poison based.

    Gloves – This is a good source for FCR, but as an added bonus we can get some +skills here by using the right gloves, my choice here is Trang Oul’s set gloves, they have +2 necromancer skills, 25% FCR, and as an added bonus they have a 25% enhanced poison damage affix which is huge for our necromancer. Who could ask for anything more out of their gloves?

    Belt – There are many ways we can go with the belt, one choice is to add a second piece to the Trang Oul’s set, that will gain some inter set bonuses such as 15% mana recovery. Otherwise we want to focus on potion slots, and resistances/faster recovery.

    Boot- we already have this one taken care of we will be wearing Marrow Walks, but what to do before we can wear them? Well we want to be able to run away so faster run walk should be considered, also MF and resistances can come from boots.

    Jewelry – this is rings and amulets, they serve the same purpose in almost all builds. They are your source of +skills most of your resistances and faster cast rate.

    Charms – these are a hot topic among most players, getting the best charms and most effective use out of them. I refer you to this guide on charm it contains info on the most useful affixes. Krono’s Charm Guide

    Step 7

    Let’s look back at the skills we chosen:

    Well now that we have chosen marrow walks we need to alter things. 0 points can be spent in bone prison freeing 10 skill points. We have 43 synergy points towards bone armor, so those 10 points could fully synergize bone armor or they could be placed in bone spear to gain an extra attacking skill.

    I will go for an additional killing skill. So my final skill point lay out will look like this:

    20 Poison Dagger
    20 Poison Explosion
    20 Poison Nova
    1 Teeth
    19 Corpse Explosion
    11 Bone Spear
    10 Bone Wall
    1 Bone Armor


    Builds in general are not that complicated to design if you follow some order of how you design them. I have found it best to pick your skills first then work with your equipment. But that second look at your skill placement will always bring some small change that betters your build.

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