Single Player Socket Strategy


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Single Player Socket Strategy

Ok, so Larzuk will only socket 3 times. Obviously I need 4 with a shield and of course it would be nice for my Merc so that makes 7. I can't think of any other way other than to find 4 sojs? Does that burn a SOJ to socket a unique cube receipe still work? If I remember right it doesn't work on sets or rares?
i dont think it still works. and why is it obvious you need 4 sockets in your shield? you can muel items onto other characters that get the reward, make antoehr socket, then mule it back. that should work.


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Any item can only be socketed one time. Depending on what the item is, you may get more than one socket. A Unique/Set/Rare item will only ever get one socket. A Magical can get one or two at random (unless the item has a 'Jewellers' or 'Artisans' prefix). Plain white or grey (unsocketed) items can get up to the maximum number depending on what the item is and what monster dropped it.

Hope that helps.

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Seems to be saying he needs sockets in weapon, helm, armor and a shield makes 4. Plus three for merc gear = 7 total.

Forget the SOJ thing. What version are you playing? 1.10 has socketing recipes that don't take anything too valuable.

Other than that, you can always try to get by with items that are already socketed. Make runewords or use the 3 chipped gem recipe to make a nice sword. Find/trade for stuff that is already socketed, like Hone Sundan or Spirit Forge.

Other than that, run a character through normal to kill Schenk and then have them socket an item for another character.


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Well, it would be nice to be able to socket 7 things per character, but you're right. you can't do that unless you've got SoJ's to burn, which I certainly don't. :)


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Well, you could create another charcter simply to get the socket quest and then transfer the item to that character. Of course it burns that quest for the new character, but it's still an option.


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Well not all chars will need all 3 socket quests. My Immortal King Barb really only needed one ( Armor ). So his 2 other socket quests can be used to socket other chars gear.

Long story short, while it would be nice to be able to socket everything, typically you'll only want to socket your end-game gear. And by playing a multitude of chars, it should even out in the end.

Also, I don't bother to socket a bunch of Reaper's Tolls for a bunch of different mercs, I just socket one, then move it to whichever char I'm currently playing ( That might also be because *ahem* I only have one ). You could do the same with Shakos/Stormshields/Skullder's etc...


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The SOJ socket recipe still exist AFAIK, never had an SOJ to try it with and no one ever mentioned getting rid of it. But it would be better to just rush some char to act 5 normal for the socket quest and mule off of them. Or you could just use uniques/sets/rares that already have sockets in them, Moser's round shield comes to mind.


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if you play all the char that will make 7 * 3 = 21 quests and socket.

if you play after hardcore that make 42 quest (*). and don't forget you can find items allready socketed. and for runeword, you have a cubing option to put socket on normal object.

(*) yes I know it's bad to speak about a transfert beetween normal and hard-core but if tomorow I find the fuxxxxxx reaper toll in normal, I will use it for my HC char also