Single player hacks/cheats/whatever


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Single player hacks/cheats/whatever

OK...I work out of the middle of nowhere Alaska for three weeks at a time. We are in tune with modern trends, so we are at 33.6k modem internet. You can imagine what this does for Multiplay Diablo, but I would like my fix. However with only three weeks to mess around I would like to know where to get single player item editors/char cheat/hacks or whatever they are called. I am out of town for three weeks and in town for two weeks, and would really appreciate finding ways to plan out multi chars.

I have tried the google approach, but all I seem to find is pre-1.10 patch stuff, or dumb @ss Top 50 sites that I don't have time to go thru.

Any help is appreciated...please take pity on me...


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There are lots of people here who have build great characters without any cheating...and it's a lot more fun that way. Read the different build guides, and ask questions here about specific challenges, and you can have some excellent builds legitimately. Hang out here when you can, you'll learn a lot.
do you think that putting 'hacks' into your title will help things? we are mostly hest players who do nto cheat. if you want to plan MP characters then use a skill planner, such as this one whcih works out synergies as well.
<link deleted> i dont knwo why, but when you go on thr site you get forwarded to this site, in IP numbers. but its all good.
see, at bnet, people dont care about hacks, and many seem to think without hacks, the game is too hard or not fun at all. these people are normally 13yrs old and think that if somethign takes more than 5 minutes to get perfect, its not worth doing. try not using hacks, youll enjoy it more...

Edit: bob, you can't post that link. The site hosting it sells hacked items :grrr: and linking there is against the rules.
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-.kreizi.- said:
What is written on the top of the forum? the very top!
it is written "do not post links or information"


"do no ask..."

so don't flame him.

PS : if you have 3 weeks, you can make a lot of baal run in hell, you'll have all you need :flip:


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Sorry about the questions, I didn't know that I was being illegal. My bad. At the very top I see a banner for recycle a bike, and I didn't mean to piss people off. Can't we all just get along? :buddies:

The problem with me playing at work, is that I work 12 hours a day and require a little sleep, which I will lose as soon as I get D2 running up there. No-Doz and shipped in choco covered coffee beans are my friendz. So I will only play a couple hours a day, hopefully.

Once again, sorry...didn't know that I was stepping on toes.
BTW, this is an awesome forum! :worship:


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Its fine I think a lot of the people in the forum are just sick of seeing this question as it pops up a lot and most people arn't as understanding and accepting of the rules here as you are. I'm sorry for bringing this back to the top AE but it was still on the first page and for once I felt the need to reply to this. I usually avoid these topics because they always turn into flame wars. Anyway I wish you luck in getting some information here that will help you.


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Purehybrid if you need some legit items there are a lot of people here, including myself, that will be glad to help you out.

I think apologizing to the forum was very big of you, and it shows a welcomed maturity. Like Aidennz said, we've had some big flame wars lately about cheating and I think you stepped right in it.

By the way, welcome to the forum and we hope you stick around. Legit Single player games can be really fun.

Takis (El_Greco)


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Things that can help a lot but avoid the dark side

Admittedly I played 1.09 quite a bit when it was new, so when I started playing again in 1.10 I had some experience to draw on. But it sounds like you are in the same state. Anyway, I was able to get my first character high enough to find interesting things (interesting to me, anyway - I'm talking about normal set items that the ubergods would sneer at) in only 10 hours of play or so.

Part of it was playing a character that fit my style. I'm not exactly Mr. reaction time, so I play characters that don't need to melee and don't need precision running and dodging. In 1.09 a bowazon with lots of GA was my cup of tea, in 1.10 I'm loving my trapsin.

The other part was using /players 8 from the very beginning. Sure, it takes a couple of hits to take out a Fallen, and it's a little rough until you get your Rogue, but the extra XP and higher drop chances got me started on the equipment curve and the level curve faster. The only character I'd be cautious about /players 8 on is a sorceress, because they are so fragile. Even for a sorceress, though, /players 3 or 4 is safer and still gives better stuff.