Single Player Gets Boring But It's Effective

Liter Soul

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Borlag said:
I've heard of an lvl99 drummer barb (meaning dual wand wearing barbarian), I think that's pretty insane....
My friend and I always called them 'Wanderers', and I've been meaning to try a Frenzy Wanderer.


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I had lvl 99 Burizon :teeth: Making that wasn't hard at all, just cows...My MF sorc was 2nd highest, lvl 95. I didn't make her to 99 because I only run Meph with her. I think I collected all exp needed to make her lvl 92 just by running Meph :teeth:


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Ravenforce3 said:
Seems to me that the best wands to use would be Suicide Branch. Someone may have a different opinion, but that's just my take on it.
I've always imagined the Chop Stick barbs weilding weapons similar to these. If I ever get mine(my brother's) off the ground I have a couple good wands saved for him. Socket a couple of mean elemental jewels into them and go to town ;)

Dread Weaver
Yew Wand
One-Hand Damage: 2 to 8
+20 to Energy
+21 to Mana
Adds 1-444 lightning damage
Adds 34-138 cold damage over 4 seconds
9% Life stolen per hit
+1 to Lower Resist (Necromancer Only)
150% Damage to Undead
Level 3 Stun (5/27 Charges)

Empyrian Bar
Yew Wand
One-Hand Damage: 2 to 8
+56 to Mana
Adds 1-460 lightning damage
Adds 29-109 cold damage over 4 seconds
Replenish Life +4
20% Faster Cast Rate
+1 to Poison Explosion (Necromancer Only)
+1 to Confuse (Necromancer Only)
150% Damage to Undead


Bolinbrooke said:
That's insane alright, when u get to lvl 95, the amount of experience you earn is so miniscule. I have run over 300 WSK runs with my lvl 95 Zealot (with other MPers (hi Freya, Mattamore, Mung)) on players 8 and gained about 1/20 of an eperience bar.
Well you do 30000 more runs and you are right there.


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Well in 1.09 level 99's are a test of patience, but they are attainable. Growler, my Werewolf Druid made 99 not too long ago and he's probably the slowest leveller around. My Pally is the next one up for the big 99, after that my Sorceress and Amazon have probably passed by the Barb. Necromancer and Assassin will be last. I have no idea what to do with the assassin, maybe I should ask Icebird for some advise? ClawsOfFury is level 93 ATM?




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Borlag said:
heh that's the current situation yes...just wait and see, I'll go for the 99 even if it's the last thing I do ;)
my thoughts too :teeth:
i had 3 99's back in 1.09, back in the old days with cow runs 24/7
i had a 99 sorc, 99 amazone and 99 barb (lancer)
i still have the lvl 99 zon but she is on a floppy so she is covered in dust atm... come to think about it, i think im going to check how she will do things in 1.10
she had maxed cold arrow//multishot and valkyre, so i think not too shabby... we'll see
the other 2 i just deleted (by breaking the floppy by accident :rant: )
but it is possible in 1.10 no doubt about it, it just wil take forever :D



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Borlag said:
heh that's the current situation yes...just wait and see, I'll go for the 99 even if it's the last thing I do ;)

you can count me in on that one. :D
but that will take a loooooooong time before i even reach lvl95 (at lvl87 now)


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Yep, my assassin is working her way towards 94 at the moment. Act 5 Hell runs are mostly pretty easy for her, and thats where I've done most of my solo levelling.

In cows, the biggest risk is getting swarmed. I recommend lots of DR gear, and lots of leech seems to help. Death Sentry rocks, particularly if you have other people to soften up the crowd (with Static Field for instance).

The Tiger Strike/Dragon Tail assassin is supposed to be good in cows but I've never tested it. My assassin uses Phoenix Strike as her main attack. The PS Freeze Charges can stop a mob in its tracks, and Mind Blast is also a life saver (just be careful of it when your party has Might or Fanatacism active...).