Single player 1.13 or 1.14


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Hi all,

I cannot seem to find information on this, so I hope you can help me with this. We are returning to D2, and the latest RWM I can find is for 1.13. Blizzard has released 1.14 for Windows 10, which could help some problems with some of the computers.

However, it seems that RWM is no longer needed? I found out I had not installed it on my PC (1.13d), yet the ladder runewords I had installed worked fine. Is it true for the class-specifics as well?

Another question is multiple instances. I used to self rush hellforge, is that possible in 1.14?

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I am using 1.14d and RWM works fine, but I am running Win7. It seems that some people have had a few issues with Win10 so you might do some looking around to see what they came up with as a solution.


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I am on Win10 and GoMule and RWM work fine. When I first started using RWM it was just showing gemmed equipment, I exit the game and came back in and Ta Da. Works just fine after that very first one.

Edit: this is 1.14
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Old RWM runewords will work on a vanilla installation. But you need RWM to make new ones.
I'm not aware that there is a multi-instance dll for 1.14, hence the reason many of us are still in 1.13d.

And welcome back :)


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Thanks for the answers, everybody. I will probably end up in multiversioning in some way, as I want to keep self rushing a possibility. If we start up a group, it would anyway be separate from my stashes.