Singing Barb Q...


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Singing Barb Q...

Ok Heres my current layout ATM:

100 str
75 dex
100 vit
base nrg

i got 75 stat points left... should i dump em all into VIT? or get str a little more? are my stats ok? Just wondering! Thanks!

20 Warcry
16 Battle Cry
12 BO

1 into inc speed, nat resist, iron skin, abnd inc stam
1 leap + 1 leap attack...

I plan on maxing WC, BattleCry, Taunt, BO, & Howl or Shout

My Current Gear:
Peasent Crown
2 Spectral Shards ( Dual Wizspikes when im 61)
2 high mana rings
+3 warcies w/ 25 tele charges ammy


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Your Dex/Str is fine... toss them into Vit.

If you're debating between Howl/Shout... Keep in mind that crying is your killer and Shout's defensive boost isn't that important when the opponent's are stunned. It also doesn't take much effort to recast BCommand when it wears out.

There are better belts than Nightsmoke... Even a Crafted belt is nice. You won't get hit much to take advantage of the Damage to Mana. Gloom's trap is great and not too hard to acquire.


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k thx! ya i did plan on changing my belt :)

Hes now 62... i got about 120ish stat points chilling :)

I'd lke to get a shako, Enigma, 2 sojs, and aracnids belt... but im not that rich yet :) so i'll make due with what i can!

PuSs Says Go Time

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basically what u mention'd my singer uses, 2xwiz nigma,2xsoj,arach,shako so you got the right idea going, may i ask though, have u come up with a mana problem solution or you just chug mana pots like i do?


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Ya, I keep cracking open cans of Blue stuff to keep me refreshed :) Solotuion.... umm i dunno +mana /kill but we dont kill that fast maybe in normal. If anyone has an idea let us know! Or are we just bound to drinking problems ?


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Shout will benefit the party, and most importantly make your merc a super tank.

If mana is your problem, you could try what my Berserker barb does, % damage goes to mana. I get that from Angelic amulet and my mana orb is always full :)


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I'd look at upgrading your helm as well. Get a +2 all skill helm like Shako or go with a +3 Warcry Helm. I'm not sure if you can still socket LORE runeword into a Barb helm with +3 to WarCry already. I'd also look at SOJ's for rings and stacking more +Mana charms into your inventory. Weapon switch with two echoing weapons and use that to cast BO, BC, SHOUT on your teammates.

I'd try to add more +War Cry skills to your equipment. Also dual suicide branches aren't bad ideas, not that dual Wizard Spikes is a bad one.

Last report how youre doing effective wise. Do you kill well in Hell? In players 5 games? In players 8?


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Hmm i never thought of making a lore outta 1 of those... ill keep my eyes open now :)

% Damage to mana... umm that would be cool and all... but its only physyical dmg and... they dont really swing at me while they are stunned.... :0

Right now hes lvl 70! (yay!) I'm only doing about 580ish cry dmg... but i still got a while til i get more synergies maxed heh :) I really dont kill too fast... but if a necro uses amp it boosts my killing speed by twice! My mercs doing very well w/o holy freeze or en thing... well im not going to use shout... ya it would be cool and all but im ging pure synergies and BO

Right now i got like 2,653 hp and like 1348 mana :) thats weapon switched from 2x +3 crie javs, then dual wizzies on other swap.

One thing i hate is when ppl KEEP USING their OWN SHOUTS !!! Ugh! Sooo annoying!

With my brothers druid, i got around 4.2k life... hehe :clap:


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If you have any of those stats left I would suggest dumping into energy Wiz is way better then Branch Careful not to let the skill level you cast Warcry at get too high or the damage is outwayed by the mana cost

To summerize the second barb 2kish life 4kish mana 1.2-1.3 k WC much more resonable WC mana cost and the points where about +70 vite +60 dex +0 str +310 eng and it worked way better (the baals were a breeze except for baal himslef way too much life for WC)