Singing Barb Guide ??


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Singing Barb Guide ??

Could anyone give a link to a good singing barb guide? Thanks in advance...


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the patch isnt that new so i dont think theres any guides around at the moment- tho you should be able to work it out using the synergies in the skill tree, shouldnt be too hard...


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Dual Wizzy
Enigma if rich / Viper / Que Hagans
Harle / Peseant
Life, Mana, Skills on rings and ammy

Max War Cry, Battle Cry, How, Taunt, BO

Str Dex for Equipment, maybe some in ene, rest vita


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This is what im going for

Maxed WarCry
Maxed BO
Maxed Battle Cry
Maxed Howl
& Maxed Taunt

so that leaves 10 points for inc speed, nat res, iron skin, and inc stam also i got leap attack and leap... its nice to have

My Str is at 100 i belive... 75 dex for dual wizardspikes
rest into vit and no nrg

My gear

Peasnt Crown
Skin of the Viper Magi
Night smoke
Frost burns
+3 warcries w/25 tele charges
2 rings with lots of mana about 90+ im hoping to get 100+ til i get 2 SOJ's

Also get 2 +3 warcry javs or hat ever weapon you want. You wont be a killing king unless ur on norm or in 1 player nm. I'm only doing like 570 dmg with each cast... and each cast costs 36 mana and i have 1.3k mana and it runs out FAST! With my BO's i got around 2.4k life which is really nice... This is probably the most funest character that I have ever played!

But Singing Barbs ARE item dependant... You will want Enigma, Shako, 2 SOJ's and a Aracnid Mesh... u could use dual HoTo's but i like having a crap load of mana :) Hope this helps some! Oh also get Item Find and Find Potion ive gotten a IO, KO, LEM, and a MAL rune with it so far hehe :yep:


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xFullenex said:
2 rings with lots of mana about 90+ im hoping to get 100+ til i get 2 SOJ's
I've found some very nice magic mana rings with gambling, if you play TCP/IP I could spare you some...