Singer Barb Rally


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Singer Barb Rally

Ok im posting this in the correct thread now and once more....

Greetings all fellow singer barb players and non singers alike
I'd like to meet you all in game since finding another singer barb is quite rare
So I would like to call a rally for us for US WEST realm

So I'll say about the 15th of October at 5pm Pacific time in the priv game name:
pw: warcry

It would be nice to meet with you all
if this date isnt suited to your schedule please comment so that we my change
and there would be more than 8 of us, we could make a second or third game and go between them

Sign up so that we could adjust it
the rally is for ladder

Lv93 Singer barb
Gods-Breath ladder

lv 93 Singer barb
Primal-Cry non ladder

lead singer
waiting for the choir