Singer Barb Build :)


Singer Barb Build :)

Try it for SP HC If you dare:

He’s big. He’s muscular. He comes from a long line of bloodthirsty, fearless warriors. He’s.... a professional singer? Alright people, for this guide, I’m going to show you another fun and versatile build that is my personal favorite! The Singer!

Part 1 - How to Play It

The singer comes in two main varieties, and can also be made somewhere in between. And you can make a hybrid singer/anything barbarian as well. I’m going to concentrate on what I feel is the truly most fun barbarian build, the Offensive Singer! I will also show the Throw/Singer variant which is my second favorite build.

Your job is to both take out puny mobs by jumping into the fray and completely destroying their ear drums with your mighty bellowing, or to keep all the bigger, tougher monsters dizzy and distracted until your party members can destroy them. This is definitely a support build. You will be doing your damage and stun with the wonderful skill War Cry! A small radius attack that can, when you’re well equipped, stun your opponents for 12 seconds and dish out over 1k damage! Doesn’t sound like much, and it’s not, but it’s a sure kill if your opponent is standing in front of you, not moving, while you eat away at its life pool with continuous War Cries.

The only defensive aspect of this build is BO, the shout that any barbarian can’t be without! Although, if you wanted to make a PURE offensive shouter, sacrificing a high level BO to a CTA BO in order to slightly increase your damage, go ahead! I’m not stopping you!

The synergies you will want to concentrate on will not only be used to increase War Cry’s damage. You can actually use these skills that are for the most part ignored by everyone, and play the game in a more interactive, strategic way! You will be using Howl to scatter a huge radius of enemies when the going gets tough or when you’re simply running through areas and want to avoid confrontation. You will use Taunt strategically to cause ranged attackers and reviver type characters (Mummies, Shaman, etc.) to mindlessly walk towards you in a zombie-like state, forgetting completely how they normally and most effectively function to kill you and your party. Battle Cry is like a curse, and if you don’t have a necromancer around, it’s a great secondary skill to unleash on bosses! It’s the only Barbarian Warcry effect that even works on bosses. It will reduce the physical damage and defense significantly. The only combat skills you may elect to use, if you’re not fortunate enough to have an Enigma, is leap or leap attack. It is imperative that you have means to plant yourself right in the fray!

So here’s your basic strategy.

Do your defensive warcries. Because you’re going to be geared up as a caster, your BO better be the best in the party! Otherwise, you shouldn’t be making a Singer, you should be making an Mfer and a Countess runner to get some equipment! Keep yourself and your party with BO/Battle Command/Shout on at all times. Someone may have a higher shout than you. It’s proper etiquette to see who has the best what when doing runs, so be a friendly person while you’re out there.

Stay ahead of the group. When you run into your first mob of monsters, go ahead and stun them! Once they’re in a daze, do a quick survey of the situation to see if any monsters need taunting. If they do, do it now. If not, proceed to do one of two things: (1) Continuously run around the room stunning every monster in sight until they drop dead from your party members (2) Stun the biggest, toughest monsters, and proceed to destroy all the thickly grouped low-life monsters that you can take out on your own. Use Howl during emergency situations when your party starts to get scared of the monsters, or you need to fall back to chug a potion. When the battle is finished, refill your belt with Full Rejuvs by doing some Find Potion on the leftover corpses. The greatest benefit of this build is its survivability. You get TONS of life, full resists, super-fast run/walk, and a belt constantly full of full rejuvs. Shame on you if you manage to get yourself killed!

You will really feel the power when you are doing Baal runs in hell mode. You can run ahead of your own group, jumping into Gloams and Oblivian Knights without a trace of fear in your musical heart! Then, each round that the minions get summoned, you stand right in the center, and stunlock them. WOW! You get to almost completely disable the Minions of Destruction in hell mode all by yourself! The only problem here is Lister, who can’t be dizzied (like any of the boss monsters). If he decides to pick on you, you’re better off shouting once in the middle of the minions and walking away, going in to re-stun them once in a while. I had a Singer with 8k life get taken down by an uber Lister while not being careful. So... be careful! You’re strong, not invincible!

Part 2 - Skill Distribution

There are only a few things to do here if you want to be a pure offensive singer. I will also take note of some alternate skills to consider if you’re looking for a different kind of Warcry Barbarian. I’m adding Leap and Leap Attack to this build, but you can remove them if you’re planning on using an Enigma.

Total Skill Points: 90 (109 with maxed Taunt or Shout)
Finished Character Level: 79 (98 with maxed Taunt or Shout)

Combat Skills: 2 Points
1 - Leap
1 - Leap Attack

Combat Masteries: 4 Points
1 - Increased Stamina
1 - Iron Skin
1 - Increased Speed
1 - Natural Resistance

Warcries: 84 Skill Points
20 - Howl
1 - Find Potion
1 - Taunt
1 - Shout
20 - Battle Cry
20 - Battle Orders
20 - War Cry
1 - Battle Command

With this build, your BO will be maxed, and you will have at your disposal the entire offensive Warcry arsenal of the Barbarian! You will also benefit from the Increased Stamina/Speed, Iron Skin, and Natural Resistance with just a single point in them on account of your skill gear. Here’s a look at the skills overlooked by this particular build:

Taunt - While developing your offensive singer, you will end up maxing BO, then War Cry, then Howl. So it comes down to Taunt or Battle Cry. If you decide that you like the ability of Taunt better, which reduces enemy damage and Attack Rating, then by all means go for it. I prefer Battle Cry simply because it can work on bosses as well, and you can use Taunt’s most important ability of drawing enemies to you without pumping points into it.

Shout/Battle Commands - Not interested in increasing your damage since you feel its puny and insignificant anyways? You can go pure support without the offensive edge by taking away from Howl or Battle Cry and adding to Shout, which will give tons more defense, or Shout and Battle Commands, which would only be useful if you want to increase the duration of all your defensive Warcries. But now you’re starting to look like a buff-bot.

Find Item - I’ve heard derogatory remarks made towards those Barbarians who scavenge old battlefields for items instead of taking them from the dying body of their last victims! Don’t listen to these nay-sayers! Be smart like the adorable little Jawas! Scavenging can get you stuff! This is a less-lethal build that can actually MF if you don’t mind robbing the dead.

Combat Skills - The hybrid singer, a combatant who uses war cry to stun his enemies before taking them down, is more common these days than in the past. My personal favorite singer hybrid is the Throw/Singer, which is a combination of two of the Barbarian’s most fun builds! That would concentrate on Throw Mastery and either Double Swing or Double Throw, or both, depending on how you want to balance your Attack Rating and your damage bonus. I won’t get into equipment for hybrids here, that would be a whole different guide.

Part 3 - Equipment and Mercs

Well, the worst part about equipping the singer is that it can be expensive if you want his voice in the condition of a virtuoso. The good part is that you probably have a set of caster gear lying around anyways, you crazy obsessed D2 players! Disassemble a Sorceress for the singer if you need to. If you’re a HC player, don’t worry. You’re more likely to lose your equipment on your sorc anyways.

I would recommend for a bare minimum of starting a Singer, 2 echoing weapons which can easily be shopped for at your local vendors.


Your merc selection is limited to any of the Act 2 Mercs that you want. I like Holy Freeze, since you’re more of a crowd controlling party-based player anyways. Whatever you decide on, strap your merc up with an INSIGHT polearm! Either that, or be prepared to drink a LOT of Full Rejuvs, which really isn’t THAT much of a problem. I’ve made singers pre-1.1, and that’s how I kept the mana flow before.


HARLEQUIN CREST SHAKO - Great for the Singer. Anything that gives +life and +mana will GREATLY increase your overall pools thanks to your superior BO abilities. And boy will you need both of those pools as high as you can get them! Um for resists or Ptopaz/Ist if you’re going to do some scavenging.
PEASANT CROWN/TARNHELM - Stick a Ptopaz in either of these, and you got a +1 helm with a bit of MF on the side.
BARB HELMS - Most of the uniques will do just fine. Arreat’s is always nice for its skills and resists. A nice rare with good skill bonuses can be even better.
DELIRIUM - The best thing you could do for your singer is find a 3 socket barb helm with +BO/+War Cry/+(insert warcry here) and make it delirious for tons of skill!


ENIGMA - If you can afford it, this would be the best. Now you can teleport to the middle of the mobs instead of leaping, which can get annoying when the monsters move around and such.
SKIN OF THE VIPERMAGI - Cheaper, does the job. +1 skills and res all.
MF ARMOR - For the scavenger, you can use any of the typical MF armors.


ARACHNID MESH - This would be best. Get all the skill you can.
GLOOM TRAP - A great substitute. You need to supplement your mana pool in any way possible. Even with an Insight merc, your mana will be lacking when chain-shouting for the big monsters.
GOLDWRAP/TAL RASHA’S BELT - The MF alternatives.


FROSTBURN - I really wouldn’t consider any alternatives to Frosties. That 40% mana pool increase is damned useful for the singer. Much better than the alternative mana regen from Magefists.


SILKWEAVE These will increase your mana pool. My personal choice for boots.
WATERWALKS If your mana pool is already fine, go with these for a nice life bonus.
WAR TRAVELERS The MF alternative.

Amulets and Rings

RARE AMULET - What you should be looking for in your optimal amulet is +3 Warcries, resistances, life, mana, and maybe some MF.
MARAS KALEIDOSCOPE - This is what I would use if I needed the extra resistances but don’t have the nicer rare ammy. +2 skills, res all, and attributes bonus.
SOJ/BK - Use what you got.
RAVENFROST/DWARFSTAR/WISP PROJECTOR - The elemental Absorbs and the other bonuses are great on these rings. SOJ/BK is better.
NAGELRING - The MF alternative.

Weapons and Shields

HEART OF THE OAK - Dual-wielding HOTOs will get you +6 all skills and 60-80 Res All.
CALL TO ARMS - Most barbarians use the cheap dual-wield echo weapons for a quick +6 warcry switch. You should have just about that in your main hands. If you want the extra edge for BO or you simply decided not to even use BO for this build, try to get yourself a couple CTAs for your weapon switch!
SPIRIT - Easier to make, great for the low levels. You can either dual wield Spirit swords, or if you’re looking to have a weapon/shield because you just don’t feel safe without one, any caster weapon with a Spirit monarch is always nice. But really, your life and stunning abilities should keep you from the need for shields.
WIZARDSPIKE - Relatively cheap way of giving yourself any resistances you are lacking, and the mana and Faster Cast Rate bonus are nothing to ignore.


Warcry charms. Duh. Get as many as you can. If you revolve yourself around getting BO to its fullest extent, you could potentially (with 10 charms and anni) have a level 53 BO. I’ve never seen it myself, but hot diggity damn, can you imagine what kind of life you’ll have with that? If any of you have the equipment to do this, please tell me I would love to see it The other alternative is obviously life, mana, resistance, and MF charms.

Part 4 - Stat Point Distribution

STRENGTH - Keep it at the bare minimum. Shouldn’t be high with your caster gear.
DEXTERITY - I recommend either none, or just enough with gear in mind to hold Wizspike (that would be 69, baby!). If you are a shield lover, go ahead and keep max block. But you won’t have the fun, godly amount of health that is typical of an offensive Singer.

VITALITY - All the rest. You won't be needing any energy.

Have fUn.

EDIT: Sorry for my [email protected] righting lol. Ill not do it again :evil:

This i think is impossible in SP unless some of you have done it MP, its a tough one :D


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Sorry to spoil your moment, but there's already a couple of good singer builds out there... but still, well done on the guide. BTW, you seem to be on a thread-frenzy.

And another thing, you mention a lot of gear that is unrealistic for SP play, things like the annihilus, Enigma runeword, etcetera.


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yeah i must agree with neumein, it will take you about 10 billions hell countess runs to get all the runes needed. And you can't get annihilus "legitely".


I had written this guide before, without the intention of SP in mind. I must reconsider this lol.
I have to edit then :D for teh SP :D

Thread frenzy yeah, Im bored in work.
Ill edit itamz, and take out Anni, as this was intended for
I posted this on other forum and decided to share with yous...

Anyways, edit soon :D



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I'm not sure where I have it saved, but I have a singer barb with the exact gear you listed in every way, down to the dual hotos (yes, I made an extra hoto just for this barb) and the enigma :D I'm hoping that when I get started back up again I can find it. If you have the gear, the char really comes together quite nicely and wrecks stuff really nicely, the only thing I might suggest other than what you said for gear, or maybe to elaborate, is the merc gear. On my singer's merc I used an eth upped kelpie snare or an eth upped hone sundan, depending, for boss fights you really need all the crushing blow you can get, otherwise you can get decent crushing blow from armor (guillames and rattlecage) and then the snare would help out more.


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One thing to consider (I used it to great effect on my Singer guardian): Leap. No real need for leap attack, but a few bonus points (if you have them to spare) are great in Leap... the knockback is terrific, since it knocks monsters back far enough that they can't hit you, but close enough that you can still WC them.