Simple question that will prolly soon reach pg 2


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Angst I'm sure your build is there but since the forum wipe I had no reference sources....

I WANT to max bone synergies to provide ME with as much killing power as possible... The main reason I want skellies is for act 2 magic immune bastards...but also will be good distractors when I'm hunting.... :D


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The reason I suggest using revives rather than skeletons is that Skel Mastery + 1 point into revive saves you 16-17 skill points, and with enigma, is just as effective as max skel mastery and max skeletons IMO. Therefore you have even more points to put into Bone synergies, though I like using bone prison too much to justify using marrowalks.


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I had a GREAT guide, getting better results than Necrochilds guide, but then comp lock AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


PvP Bone//summoner

Homun (Um)
Shako (Ber)
2x Sojs
Trangs Gloves
Perfect Mara's

5x Summoning (Life mods)
5x Bone (Life mods)
1X 5 res all// 20 life charms
8x 20 Lifers
~roughly +300 life from charms~

Lidless wall


I did all the math and it was lost but about 4K Spirit and Spear damage with 1700 life on you and 15 Skeletons with 1800 life in hell with Battle Orders that is (That is without oak sage which could be added from HotO). Lvl 41 Bone Spells and lvl 41 Raise Skele. Almost perfect res (72 all in hell except cold which was maxed). 26% DR, not the best, but with 15 Skeles, It's good. 75% Block as well.

Lots and lots of Mana, 15 Meat shields, yeah all is well. Would be interesting to see if he would actually dual. Any melee char would get pwned, but vs. a sorc or wind druid... that would be interesting. I may make one someday.


*EDIT* Whoops, forgot skills:

20 Raise Skele
20 Bone spear
20 bone spirit
20 Bone wall
1 Teeth
1 CE
1 BA
1 CG
1 GM
1 SR
4 Curses

90 Skills, teeth gets maxed last. I did the math with a lvl 1 teeth, so damage will get better.


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Look at the math my friend. Better damage, more life, and all around pwnzor. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Mad Mantis

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Kbob, making up imaginary numbers is not considered cool.

j/k. Good job mate. I would love to see the finished product. Keep it up.

BTW, now that you are back in action with the net and all, could you do a twinking guide for me Meleemancer and Merc?


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TheKbob said:
Look at the math my friend. Better damage, more life, and all around pwnzor. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Here have a :drink:

i'm proud of you

you made it reach page 2!!!!!!

*psychic mr peacrusher*

btw kbob if you really took my 'guide' serious you need another :p :drink:


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I guess Mad, but you would owe me

I could prob get started on it this week, or sunday at the soonest.