Simple question that will prolly soon reach pg 2


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Simple question that will prolly soon reach pg 2

Exploiting the marrowalk "feature"

Is a Bonemancer with skellies possible?

I am talking about maxed synergies for bone skills, AND having RS/SM maxed as well? I am curious because if it is possible (even to come close) This would make one hell of a pit runner/PvM char. Let's also assume that this char will be able to attain L337 gear.

Let me know your thoughts.

Mad Mantis

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If he can attain 1337 gear it should be possible. With enough +summoning you don't need that much in RS and SM to reach 20/20 perhaps even more.

As long as the Marrowwalk bug gets exploited it will be feasible.


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Maybe, although you'd be sacrificing one for the other (bone for summons)

I'd use leoric, just because it helps the skellies alot and helps your bone a little (+2 p/b) You won't be able to max both RS and SM, but max RS with at least 1 pt into SM. 10 summons charms, an anni charm, enigma, shako, +2 ammy, homo head (my preferance) or the ladder only head that can get +3 summon/+3 poison bone (good luck on that one), sojs or bk (sojs probably), arach mesh, it might just be crazy enough to work.


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Skill rundown for maxed synergies on bone skills:
20 bone armor
20 bone wall
0 bone prison (+2 SM marrowalk)
20 Teeth
1 CE
20 Bone Spear
20 Bone Spirit

Total = 101 points

Add in 1 ea
Raise Skeleton
Skeleton Mastery

Total = 103 points

If clvl99 is imagineable, the the remaining 7 to curse tree

Now for a base 1 to hit lvl 20 on your summon, here is a list of what you would need:
Shako (+2, now @ 3)
Enigma (+2, now @ 5)
+3 Summon Ammy (+3, now @ 8)
Arm of King Leoric (+5, now @ 13)
2x soj / bk (+2, now @ 15)
Arachnid Mesh (+1, now @ 16)
Homunculus (+2, now @ 18)

So with your gloves still open, you could effectively, have lvl18 RS/SM, use 2 (or 10) Summon Charms, an Anni, and end up with at most slvl29 RS/SM plus all the maxed out synergies for Bone Spirit.

This setup also gives you +11 to your p/b tree. So slvl 31 bs/ba/bw

Numbers *all syn's capped at slvl20, except for marrow bp feature @ 33*:
slvl 29 RS/SM = 11 skels / 820 life (h) / 284-287 dmg
slvl 20 bspirit = 1564-1697 dmg
slvl 20 bspear = 1441-1532 dmg
slvl 20 ba = 1005 damage absorbed
slvl 20 bw = 4762 life (h)

slvl 31 bspirit = 3619-3882 dmg
slvl 31 bspear = 2973-3146 dmg
slvl 31 ba = 1115 damage absorbed
slvl 31 bw = 5947 life (h)

Hope that helped.




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errr...don't max BONE ARMOR! It doesn't synergize the boney offence! And you'll have more than enough damage absorbe from max wall and marrows to stoop to that! Max Raise Skeleton my peaish grasshopper.


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Bone summoner...

Sounds like a new commando. Hmmm. I will think of this when I get home.

I'm in my webpage class and I'm hungry :xx:



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The Skeleton's Boner
a tragic romance by Necrochild313​

Hmmm...what are two of the most popular builds in 1.10 Necromancer history?!


why, it's the skelemancer and the bonamancer!

Peacrusher, the genius, had a genius idea, why don't we mix-breed the two orphan infants into a real boy!

With this build lets assume by some gracious act of god you can get to level 99 within the next year and you just-so-happen to have all this junk laying around.


Well, of course you will be using boneskills and skeletons. Duh dip****.

Lets have a little walkthrough.

The Bones

Bone armor - 1 (not 20, 1)
Teef - 20
CE - 1
Bone Wall - 20
Bone Spear - 20
Bone Prison - 0 (see the shoes)
Bone Spirit - 20

The Skull

Raise Skellies - 20
Skeleton Mastery - 1
Clay Golem - 1
Golem Mastery - 1
Summon Resists - 1

The Flag (pirate?)

Amp - 1
Weakness - 1
Terror - 1
Decrepify - 1

UB3r 1337 g34rZ :

Hat - Shako (+2 all)
Walkin' Stick - Arm of King Leoric (+3 rs/sm, +2 boneskills/summoning, 10% fcr)
Clothes - Enigma (+2 all)
Handbag - Homoncolus (+2 all, +2 curses)
Belt - Arachnid Mesh (+1 all, 20% fcr)
Rings - 1 Soj (+1 skills), 1 fcr ring with mods (10% fcr)
Ammy - Crafted UB3r necro (+2 all, at least 15% fcr)
Gloves - Trang-ouls Claws (+2 curses, 20% fcr)
Shoes - Marrowalks (+2 sm, marrowalk bug n00b)

info on marrowalk bug for n00bz

Some zon who loved the peirce bug n e way said:
That's what happens when you base a player or a merc on a bug. Everyone knew the lightning hose was a bug but many exploited it. If there is another patch many will be disappointed again. Too many exploit bugs aka marrowwalks, venom, and other charges = synergies. I for one have no sympathy for you as you got what you deserved. Live by the bug die like one.
Now that you're totally pimped out it's time to add to the bling-blingin:

10 summoning grand charms (+10 to summoning)
1 annihilus (+1 all)

Now lets do the math kiddies! With this build you will have:

75% fcr breakpoint
Level 33 bone skillz
lvl 14 bone armor, corpse explosion
Lvl 46 raise skellies
Lvl 29 skeleton mastery
lvl 26 clay golem, golem mastery, and summon resistance
lvl 14 cursez

You are now pwnzor N00b!!!11!!!

gvandale said:
1 question to NECROCHILD

Merc? what type?
Well...might merc. Duh.


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It almost sounds plausible doesn't it??? I think I have a new mission in life...

Now the gear is the trickiest part I thinks

Not the cheapest build is it?

Mad Mantis

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Does it matter? If your rich, why shouldn't you be able to do more than the common man? Works that way in the real world.


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enigma + p.topaz shako
9 mfsc's

not too bad for the extreme owning that would be going on. there's more to mf then the pits btw, in which case this guy could do some dmg...

1 question to NECROCHILD

Merc? what type?


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gvandale said:
enigma + p.topaz shako
9 mfsc's

not too bad for the extreme owning that would be going on. there's more to mf then the pits btw, in which case this guy could do some dmg...

1 question to NECROCHILD

Merc? what type?
answered q above :p, thought i'd be better if I answered it like the 1337 Pwnz0R 1 4m, duh ;)


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Wasn't this the build in Xey's Necro guide? I"ve been working on this type of necro for a little while and he's at lvl76 right now in act3 hell. Going pretty well even with my not too spectacular gear. At the moment he only has nine skellies with maxed RS/SM and is hitting for about 450-500 on bonespear without marrowalks and no points in bone prison. Still working on maxing out bonewall. And trying to find a pair of Marrowalks :D


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Since when is this anything new? My Bone/Summoner that was in the Build Guide for months was almost the same thing, except I like revives a lot more than skellies and only maxed 3 synergies, which is all you need with a good revive army. (4 if you used Marrows). With l337 gear you can get 17-18 Revives with only maxed skel mastery and 1 pt into revives and they do great damage and they dont die and Enigma counteracts their inherent stupidity. I'll repost it as soon as I can find it. Its around on my computer somewhere.