Silly Build


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Silly Build

There was a silly build thread on here but it seems to have no messages in it now, maybe server problems.

This is my silly build. Single player Hardcore of course.

Class: Necromancer

Skills Allowed: Poison Dagger, Poison Explosion, Poison Nova, Dim Vision and 1 point only (no more) in pre-requisite skills Teeth and Corpse Explosion. He may use any other skills that are on items he finds. When all four skills are maxed he may retire. This should be around Lvl 75 or so.

No minions allowed.

He must get every waypoint and complete every quest, including Nihlathak.

May not hire a merc, but may use a merc that is given as a quest reward. He may only resurrect this merc upon reaching a waypoint for the first time.

He may not gamble, nor may he buy any weapon or armor item from vendors or be twinked in any way. He may buy potions, scrolls, keys, etc, and may repair his items at any time. Apart from this he must use what he finds.

He must have a dagger class weapon equipped in one of his weapon slots at all times. He may use throwing daggers.

He may not have unused skill points while one of his allowed skills has points available to be added, bearing in mind the two pre-reqs are limited to 1 hard point.

He may play in Players 1 to Players 8 as he wishes, and may switch during battles with act bosses or at any other time.


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A poisonmancer with those synergies will be pretty tough through nightmare, and if you play at a high /players setting you should be able to hit 75 there without too much trouble. If you were going merc-less it would be really tough, since poison-immunes would eat you for breakfast, but the merc will help a lot if you can get her a high-damage (lightning?) bow of some kind.

Sounds fun!


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I like your dagger necro build, goon_squad, but I think you need some more curses and Bone Armor to be a viable character in the late game. 1 point in Terror and some in Decrepify would make his life a lot easier.

But it´s your character and I will be the first to cheer you if you take him to Conqueror, whatever build you choose.


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goon_squad said:
He may not gamble, nor may he buy any weapon or armor item from vendors or be twinked in any way. He may buy potions, scrolls, keys, etc, and may repair his items at any time.

He may not have unused skill points while one of his allowed skills has points available to be added,.....

He may play in Players 1 to Players 8 as he wishes, and may switch during battles with act bosses .....
He may have a really hard time surviving with all these crazy rules. (no offense, just an innocent jab at crazy rules builds. :) )


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I thought the silly build thread dead and buried, but now that it has resurfaced:

Katana, the Assassin
Lvl 17, Shadow disc. only.
Act-2 Normal.

Two NDE's so far. Due to me playing my usual SC style, but I'm learning to take it easy.


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Actually the curse I think he'll miss the most is Attract. However, hopefully Dim Vision, which is a godly curse at high level, will be an adequate substitute for either Attract or Decrepify and the merc will stay out of trouble and provide corpses for me to poisonously explode.

I don't envisage too many problems in normal, except the Venom Lord pack in Diablo's chamber and also the Minions of Destuction are highly poison resistant, maybe I'll have found a wand or head with lower resist by that time.

Even in nightmare and hell, there aren't all that many poison immunes in the game now, and certainly less than formerly.

I know Bone Armor is much loved by many necros, but the points just aren't available, and I'm not a big fan of it anyway.

Terror is not needed if either he or the merc has a monster flee weapon.


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If anyone's interested, this necro is now Lvl 17, and doing Countess runs in Players 1. I'm trying to get Ral-Ort-Tal. The Countess can't drop above Ral so I need 4 Rals (have 2 sofar) so I can transmute 3 to an Ort when I get a cube. Also a second Tal for a dagger would be rather nice. I've also found 3 Iths which can go into a Hunters for a 2-33 damage bow for the merc when she's 15.

He's got Lvl 12 Poison Dagger (185-212 over 6.8 increasing to approx 270-320 over 9.8 from the shrunken head- even the Countess doesn't last the 9.8 seconds), 1 Teeth and CE and 3 DV (none of them except PD in use at the moment). He also has 1 to Weaken, itself an almost never used skill, from a shrunken head and which he's using as his main curse at present.

He could do these runs on P8 but the Countess seems to drop just as many runes in P1 anyway.


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actually, studies have shown that the countess drops MORE runes with /players 1 than 8. this is because at players 8, there is a much higher chance (nearly gauranteed) that one of her three possible rune drops is stolen by an item, whereas at players 1, you havea higher chance of one of her items rolling a "no drop" and thus appearing as a rune instead. pretty sweet, eh? :)
You know, apart from the buying rule this is effectively the same as my necro on the HC ladder. Good luck getting past the Venom lords in act 4 and in the act 5 throne room. - NM that is.


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I feel for you man . . . I've been running the NM Countess to get a Ral for my merc's shiny new King's Grace tusk sword. Took long enough, but I did it . . .

This silly build thread seems like a good place for my tournament update. Jiansonz is still somewhere way up there in A5 Hell, so I probably won't catch Blazie, but Sparky_V has killed the Council members in Travincal and gone down to find the Durance 2 waypoint. I'm about 2/3 of the way to level 60 now, so I think I will get that level before I do the Meph thing. I'm having a much harder time in these hallways than I did up in town . . .


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(I just found an Orb with +8 to Thread Necromancy, and I felt an urge to use it. :D )

Durf, is Sparky V still alive?

My Duriel runs with SniperBlazie has raised my confidence with her. I now feel capable of some wild escaping and teleporting and I think I will be able to recognize what she can and can´t survive, when to fight and when to run. It´s time to move on!

SniperBlazie (Blazie for short) is a Blaze Enchantress.
Blaze, Enchant and Fire Mastery are maxed. Against melee enemies that aren´t fire immune, Blaze is the skill of choice, and it´s effective. Against other monsters, most of the damage is done by Meghan the Fire Rogue, with Blazie helping out, either by tanking the monsters and attacking in melee, or by teleporting Meghan around and throwing javelins, or by acting as an annoying hard-to-hit target and draw fire (from ranged attackers) away from Meghan. So the backup damage type is physical damage. The maxed Enchant is not there mainly for damage, but for the AR bonus. Hence, Blazie has no additional points in Warmth. Since both Meghan and Blazie do a little lightning damage, they can defeat even critters that are both physical and fire immune, but that sure takes a while...

Blazie was my first serious character in the 1.10 beta (the first beta, 1.10a if you like). In this version, the FE bug didn´t exist, some runewords (Call To Arms especially) were overpowered and easier to make than in the 1.10 final patch, and the game performed like crap on my computer, if the areas were large. It was actually impossible for me to clear out Tal Rasha´s true tomb, because the game got too slow and laggy (it was unbearable) near the end. Poor programming in combination with demanding graphics effects from Blaze and Inner Sight, probably. I had to leave about 25% of this tomb uncleared.

Now I use the final 1.10 patch, which makes D2 perform better than ever on my computer.

When I exmined my item choices, I found that my priorities had changed since I played last time. The crappy 772 Defense rare Dusk Shroud got sold and I put on her Stealth Cuirass instead. There´s definately a Need for Speed, here! Also, I sold the Cobalt Plated Belt of Stability and replaced it with a Plated Belt of the Squid, courtesy of Larzuk. I keep looking for a 'of the Whale' belt during every town trip now. Cobalt of the Whale would be perfect...

This started out as a "silly build" character, but proved to be far better than I could ever have imagined (especially now that I have scored such a nice merc bow!). She´s deadly but frail, and just about her only means of "crowd control" is Teleport. She absolutely can´t affort to get mobbed (she will be hacked up and stun/blocklocked so quickly, there is little chance of even getting a Teleport off). The Duriel runs proved that.

The area that was up next was as late as Crystalline Passage in Hell.
After a long (sometimes a bit scary) run/teleport trek across the Arreat Plateu, Blazie and Meghan entered the Crystalline passage, hearts racing. Meghan only took a few steps and a blindingly fast Invader minion came running, then ran back (it was on a 'boss leash'). I´m NOT going that way!

The only other way proved to be better. We encountered archer women and Succubi. Both are easy enemies as long as there is some space to move. Meghan will win any one-on-one gunfight against these foes, even against bosses (but she might need a potion or two). The life steal on her circlet definately helps. The Succubi were slightly harder to defeat than the archers, because they have a longer range than Meghan´s awareness range, but they can often be lured to fly closer to you if you are persistant enough.

After a while, I had no choice but to pass the spot of the Invader boss pack, if I wanted to see more of the level. But I happened to wake the boss and about 4 minions when I was still fighting other enemies, and it soon became a real mess, with full rejuves needed, rapid teleporting and a portal parking when the boss pack had been standing. There was such a large mob here (mainly succubi) that returning through the portal would be a stupid thing to do. I took the long tough trek past the Plateau again (sigh!) and came through the entrance. The good thing was that the main part of the Invader pack couldn´t see us here, and I could slowly work my way towards the portal. After that place was cleared, I was home free. Enough space was cleared. The Invaders were easy to Blaze now that I had enough space to move. The rest of the floor was easy.

Frozen River was populated by Sirens, Frozen Horrors and Rot Walkers. Frozen Horrors are dream enmies for Blazie. Slow, (almost) melee-only and vulnerable to fire. The combination of the other two enemies held a somewhat sneaky deadly threat: Amplify Damage from the Sirens and sudded Charges from the undead. Blazie suffered one of the worst NDEs in her career to this. She got Amped and Charged. I saw NO RED in the life bulb! Yikes! That Charge must have done close to 400 damage (doubled by Amp)!

A new strategy was called for. No more Blaze laying in front of undead packs, and I made sure Meghan was their closest target at all times. Much better. Cleared the place, rescued Anya.

Glacial Trail held undead aplenty. Cold mages, Bone Warriors and more Rot Walkers. I got Charged once again, by an Extra Fast minion, helped by Might! That was no picknick, either...

Drifter Cavern threw us that nasty starting segment where you arrive in the middle of the cavern. Luckily, no Frenzytaurs. An early boss pack of those would have forced me into a frantic escape, and with archers and succubi around, there would have been no safe place to run to, and death would have been very likely. Anyway, we encountered only a Champion archer lady to begin with, then another. They got pwned by Meghan. There were more archers, succubi and Frozen Horrors in here. Not much of a problem.

The Drifter Cavern sparkly chest gave me a Strong Heater of Terror. I put that on the weapon switch, next to the javelins. Now I have at least one type of actual crowd control! It´s not particularly easy or effective to use, but it often gets the job done (ask Sapphidia the Swordmistress!).

The lack of CBF is a big problem for Blazie. The Invaders with their inherent cold damage and the Freezing Arrow-shooting archers and the annoying Cold Mages are more dangerous to her than they have a right to be...
A Shael rune for Rhyme is very high on Blazie´s wish list. I have a nice 2s Heater and an Eth waiting.

Name: SniperBlazie
Level: 82
Next area: Frozen Tundra, Hell
(the Glacial Trail waypoint room is only one Teleport away from the exit room. Perfect!).


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Full Status Report at the start of Arreat Plateau:

Champion Meghan of the Sightless Eye
Level: 82
STR 134, DEX 203+8, Life 1426, Defense 1567
Resist All 45
Damage (Normal Attacks, with Enchant): 388-858 physical (+26% vs demons), 1-108 lightning and 196-256 fire

* 297% Cruel Ward Bow: damage 79-210; bought from Larzuk on Hell
* Rare Circlet reward-socketed with a rare jewel: Defense 25, +26% damage vs. demons, 1-108 lightning damage, +45 AR vs. demons, 8% life steal, Resist All 6, DEX+8, damage reduced by 4, +3% Magic Find, +1 Druid Skills; dropped by NM Baal, jewel found earlier on NM.
* 4-socketed Dusk Shroud with a jewel, 2 perfect rubies and a regular topaz: Defense 416, +10% enhanced damage, +14 max. damage, +76 life, 16 Magic Find; found in early Hell

Conqueror SniperBlazie the Battlin´ Blazerunner
Level: 82
(All stats with primary gear)
STR 77+8, DEX 150+14, VIT 238, ENE 35, Life 991, Mana 227, Defense (with Shiver Armor) 1000
Resist Fire 75, Cold 62, Lightning 75, Poison 19
Damage: 122-171 physical (multiply by 3 vs. demons and undead), 51-130 lightning, 196-256 fire, 2 cold and 25 poison over 5 seconds
Chance to block: 56% (52% without Aldur´s Rhythm)


Ice Bolt 1+1 (never used, prereq. only)
Ice Blast 1+1 (never used, prereq. only)
Frozen Armor 2+1 (a misclick. Darn.)
Shiver Armor 9+1
Chilling Armor 1+1 (I regret this point, too)

Charged Bolt 1 (never used, prereq. only)
Lightning 1 (never used, prereq. only)
Chain Lightning 1 (never used, prereq. only)
Telekinesis 1
Teleport 1
Energy Shield 6
Static Field 3

Warmth 1
Fire Bolt 1 (never used, prereq. only)
Fire Ball 1 (never used, prereq. only)
Inferno 1 (never used, prereq. only)
Blaze 20
Enchant 20
Fire Mastery 20
Hydra 1

Primary Gear:
* 3-socketed Aldur´s Rhythm (set Jagged Star) with Ko + Eld + Eld: damage 60-93 physical (multiply by 3 vs. demons and undead) and 50-75 lightning, +100 AR vs. undead, 5% mana steal, 10% life steal, 30% inceased attack speed, +10 DEX; dropped by a Carver boss in NM Hole level 2.
* SniperBlazie´s Chromatic Bone Shield of Deflecting reward-socketed with a perfect diamond: Defense 27, 60% blocking, Resist All 46; bought from Drognan in NM
* 'Stealth' Cuirass: Defense 196, 25% Faster Run, 25% Faster Cast, 25% Faster Hit Recovery, +6 DEX, Resist Poison 30, Regenerate mana 15%, +15 max. stamina, magic damage reduced by 3
* Tal Rasha´s Horadric Crest (set Death Mask): Defense 116, 10% life steal, 10% mana steal, Resist All 15, +30 mana, +60 life; dropped in late NM
* SniperBlazie´s Rune Clutches (crafted Vampirebone Gloves): Defense 60, 10% increased attack speed, 3% life steal, 7% Crushing Blow, Resist Fire 24, +18 life, 46 Gold Find; made in early Hell
* Plated Belt of the Squid: Defense 10, +71 Life; bought from Larzuk in Hell
* Bone Stalker (crafted Light Plated Boots): Defense 52, 20% Faster Run, 3 % life steal, +11 life, replenish life +9, Resist Lightning 34, Resist Fire 28; made during Act 3 Hell
* Stone Finger (rare Ring): +78 AR, +8 STR, +3 DEX, Resist All 9, magic damage reduced by 2; NM Gidbinn reward
* Skull Grip (rare Ring): +6 min. damage, +27 life, Resist Cold 28, Resist Lightning 24, poison length reduced by 25%, +2 light; Hell Gidbinn reward
* Scintillating Amulet of Luck: Resist All 15, 35 Magic Find; cubed from 3 crappy rings in late NM

* Charms taking up a total of 24 inventory spaces giving +1 Sorcie Cold Skills, 3% Faster Run, +1 DEX, +27 AR, Resist Fire 21, Resist Lightning 17, 1-55 lightning damage, 25 poison damage over 5 seconds, 2 cold damage, 15 Magic Find and +167 Life. The best single piece is probably the 1-55/26 Arcing Large Charm of Vita.

Weapon Switch:
* +288% Cruel Harpoon; bought from Malah in Hell
* Strong Heater of Terror: Defense 146, Level 3 Terror (up to 27 charges); found in Drifter Cavern sparkly chest, Hell

Alternate Gear:
* Winged Harpoon of Vileness
* Shocking Balanced Knife: damage 6-11 physical and 1-372 lightning; bought from Halbu in Hell
* Amulet of the Whale: +95 life
* Amulet of Life Everlasting (Damage Reduced by 20)

Other stuff:
* 4-socketed Ward Bow with Dol + Ort + Eld (awaiting a Lem (you can tell I have storage problems if I socket such a useful rune as an Ort before knowing if I will ever find a Lem!))
* 2-socketed Superior Heater: Defense 126 (awaiting a Shael)
* Rare Jewel: +16% enhanced damage, +1 STR, +9 DEX, Resist Lightning 25
* Phase Blade (hey, you never know if it´s going to be useful...)
* Runes: Tir x2, Nef x3, Eth, Ith, Ort x2 and Pul
* Various gems
* About 2,3 million in Gold

Areas skipped: 25% of Hell Tal Rasha´s Tomb (too laggy computer; the beta peformed like crap on my computer)
Areas repeated: some rooms in Hell Tal Rasha´s Tomb
Monsters parked: None

Number of close calls: about 20

Imbues used: 3 out of 3 (two Circlets, one Tiara; all crap and sold)
Socketing rewards used: 2 out of 3 (good choices, still using both items)

Number of Unique items found: 37 (3 of them exceptional, 1 of them elite (Viperfork, the Mancatcher))
Number of Set items found: 42 (4 of them exceptional)

Sint Nikolaas

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About that necro build..

Maxing Dim Vision really really is a good idea. if you do that then you can blind an entire screen (or even up ahead if you keep casting it at the edge of screen) and then just finish off monsters one at the time. Maybe getting lower resist at 1 point so you can finish smaller groups faster :) Good luck.

''Mil & Sam''


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Another pair of areas cleared without any major danger. Got Bone Archers, succubi und vultures on Frozen Tundra and Doom/Oblivion Knights, vampires and Stygian Doll blowdarters in Infernal Pit.

Two item improvements:
* Plated Belt of the Whale (+90 life, 18 better than the former belt)
* Arch-Angel´s Coronet. I took this to Larzuk but got only one socket. I use it anyway. Compared to Tal´s mask, I lose out on 22 life and some cold resist (down to 28% now, I´d really like a Cobalt/Whale belt!) but the Blaze and Enchant damage got a healthy boost, and I like the increased range of Static Field (works at level 6 now, because I added one more point from the level up).

[Rant]Now, this is the third time in a row (probability: 1/8) that Larzuk has betrayed one of my underpowered characters. He has provided two sockets more than once for my stronger character in the past (i.e. those that don´t really need it) [/Rant]

Name: SniperBlazie
Level: 83
Next area: Ancients´ Way or Nihlathak´s Temple
, depending on my mood and how much time I have. The 'undead garden' scares the crap out of me, I have no real answer to how to handle that place.


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just an FYI, a fully synergized PDagger does 5229 poison damage over 9.6 seconds

not bad, but not gonna save you in hell without help

now, add 6 toxic sc's and your dagger damage jumps to 9706 over 14.6 seconds

get dagger up to lvl 25 with those charms and damage is 14216 over 16.6 seconds

PDagger has the potential to be the most powerful poison skill in the game by adding other poison sources. Not what I would call a "silly" build


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jiansonz said:
(I just found an Orb with +8 to Thread Necromancy, and I felt an urge to use it. :D )

Durf, is Sparky V still alive?
She certainly is . . . I just dug her out of semiretirement (I was working on a book for many months) and have been playing her once again. Got her up to A5 NM, level 66. Over the past few days I have killed Diablo (surprisingly easy! I had feared that one for a long time . . . but the barb merc never even died to the lizard), got my socket (more on gear later), freed the barbarians, and saved Anya. Got a nice little orb for my troubles, too . . . +2 to all sorc skills, although there aren't any other +skills on the thing. Wouldn't I have loved to see +3 CB on there as well. :D

Anyway, fairly early in the game she found a Gull, and that set me off on an MFing rampage. I've been muling things off of her nonstop (see the giveaway thread for the most recent couple of trinkets) and that Gull got her Chance Guards, a couple Nagelrings, a Tarnhelm (I socketed that in Normal and gave it a PTopaz), and what else can I remember . . .
* +2 lightning skills, +50 mana amulet
* Lots of yummy rare jewelry
* Goldwrap (I upgraded this, looking forward to more MF and 16 potion slots, but then found out that I needed like 4 more levels' worth of strength to equip it, doh)
* Blade of Ali Baba (socketed w/2 noobish +MF jewels)
* Biggin's Bonnet (also upgraded, on my merc)
* Duriel's Shell (on the merc)
* Todesfaelle Flamme (on the merc; he's pretty tricked out)
* Silkweave (lovely mana boost there)
* Spirit Shroud (CBF and +1 skills, sweet), recently upgraded to . . .
* Skin of the Vipermagi (socketed w/Um, my precioussss that I got from the Hellforge)
* Visceratuant (yet another +1 skills)
* Deathbit (the first I've found in SC or HC; nothing the sorc will be using, but neat to look at)
* Iron Jang Bong (the first I've seen in HC; won't be replacing my orb/shield, but cool nonetheless)
* and basically a whole armory full of other gear.

I'm pretty sure all my Countess-running and MFing have removed me from any consideration for a spot in this tournament. But the character is a blast to play. CB is up to level 27 and doing around 200/bolt in damage.

I have no idea if she can do the NM Ancients, much less Baal. And I have absolutely no confidence in her ability to survive the Hell Blood Moor even if she does get past the spider. So I'll probably noodle around with the sorc for months and months more in NM. :D


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So, a few months ago, Durf had a "Lunchtime Character Slaughter" thread...originally he was going toward "sailor" but soon somebody suggested "Drummer." So Durf created a Barbarian with some Japanese name ("Broken Chopsticks," as I recall, in English) and went off into the Blood Moor. It just sounded too crazy so I created my own character, AndyCreegan (named after the first drummer from a band that was my favorite at the time, the Barenaked Ladies). After the initial rush Andy was forgotten for a while, but just when I was getting bored with my spellcasters he was right there...

Level 10 Barbarian
Defense: 136 (w/shout)
MF: 18%
Life: 200
Mana: 20
Str: 36
Agility: 31
+50% damage to undead
+20 Poison damage over 3 seconds
+50% damage to undead
+10 poison damage over 3 seconds
It works really well when he's double swinging against two monsters at once...
Life has been fun. He horks every corpse for potions at this point which means he takes a long time to clear areas (he has nowhere near enough mana). Blood Raven ran very far away and so her death only killed about five of her minions, leaving more than a dozen in the rest of the graveyard.
Next area: Stony Field


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Really cool build! I imagine that using Frenzy with wands that do plenty of elemntal damage could work pretty well. Ideally they should be rare with some useful necro curse charges (Dim Vision, Attract, Confuse, Lower Resist). If you can´t get that on the main weapons, you could dual wield another pair of wands on the switch that has curse charges.

Since you can´t gamble wands, I recommend you to make plenty of use of the Hitpower Weapon crafting recipe. The pre-set abilities all have some use (+35-60% damage, attacker dakes damages and the Frost Shield ability) and the recipe uses the measly Tir rune (so PSapphires will likely be the bottleneck for this activity).

Save all your imbues for elite wands (preferrably Lich Wands, they are the fastest). You can get the massive +% damage to demons or undead prefixes.

Good Luck!

SniperBlazie is moving on. She cleared the Ancients´ Way and Icy Cellar yesterday. Monsters:

Ancients´ Way: Dark Spearwomen, Frozen Horrors and Spike Fiends
Icy Cellar: Frozen Terrors, Gloams and Undead Stygian Dolls.

Spearwomen and Horrors are Blaze fodder, and the Spike Fiends could be killed by carefully teleporting Meghan around to places where she only had to suffer the shots from 1 or 2 of them. I think I had a pretty elegant solution to the powerful Holy Freeze + FE + CE boss she had a hard time with: I used Telekinesis on a nearby Well both times she was about to get killed.

The latter area sounded worse than it was, even though there were boss packs of all three types. Thanks to Teleport, Meghan could kill all Dolls across the river.
I have always been careful around those lightning shooters, ever since I got killed by them in 1.09. Unless they are invovled in a stairs trap, you can hear them fire from far away and you have enough time to move away from most of the lightning streams. Then its just a matter of luring them to you and be on the move the whole time. When one got close, Blazie meleed it. She killed regular Gloams in 4 hits!

The waypoint has a bad placement (very far away from the exit), but hopefully my Duriel runs have trained me well enough. But there is unfinished business before we take on the Ancients.

Item improvement: yet another Plated Belt of the Whale, this one with +99 Life.

Name: SniperBlazie
Level: 83
Next areas: Nihlathak´s Temple
(all of it)


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Sparky V found Natalya's helmet and a Darksight Helm--the latter is the first I've seen in SC or HC. Still running around in A5 NM, earning experience and looking for goodies. The Vipermagi s/Um is such a choice piece of gear . . . I'll hate to see it go when she dies someday.

Blazie (well, Jiansonz) is insane. I always knew that, though. :D


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jiansonz said:
Save all your imbues for elite wands (preferrably Lich Wands, they are the fastest). You can get the massive +% damage to demons or undead prefixes.
Turns out I was wrong about this. You can´t get the Divine prefix, etc., and no IAS suffix either. Wands are even crappier fighting weapons than staves!