:( sigh


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:( sigh

i feel like poop right now...
id unno.. i had apost about this before..

but.. about the girl i liked... like.. im not sure... if i like her anymore.. or if i just miss her... but..

we haven't talked recently, cause of this fight we had...

and we are sreriously a big roller coaster ride with high ups and downs...

and now, im pretty sure she's doing this on purpose, but she's putting things about other guys, to make me jealous...

and its working...

and i dunt know what to do.... its really tearing me up inside....

and i know the usual advice is, go do somethign else...
but i cant, cause i got some test to study for...

but i can't study.... so im here writing....

well i dunno ... im just and releasing what i feel inside...

i bet its one of the worst feelings in the world...



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Well, I have a friend that went through the exact same stuff your going through... except probably 10x worse.

I guess what your problem is that you can't stop thinking about a girl, and you really need to focus on something important (like a test).

What I suggest is to make a small study group with friends in your class. Not only will this allow you to study for your test, it will also get you talking to people and therefore getting your mind off of the girl.

Girl troubles + being alone = no work done + major loneliness

I dunno how much this helps you considering what timezone your in, but hey, it really worked for my friend. Good luck.


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good idea

but u cant really have a study group at 10 at nite

u know.. haha call me weird.. but like soemtiems when im walking around somewhere

i always hope ill meet some pretty girl or soemoen i can just talk to .. and like we will exhcange sn's or wtvr
and just talk

not for hooking up purposes.. but someone random i can just talk to.. you know?

i dunno.. im weird.


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so. any girls not mind PMing me a aim sn i can talk to :)
haha not to mention a complete stranger who you have no idea how he looks/acts/behaves and what not?

all i can offer you is my complete word not to harass or do anythign bad
and ill hand over my fresh trout (when a slapping is necessary of course)
other than that. good times.