*sigh* Suggestions.


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*sigh* Suggestions.

I'm contemplating putting d2 back on my machine...stop me.


.....Give me another idea or something for a game to be hopelessly addicted to so I can get it out of my system while I wait for wow....

Everyone around here has faught with it and either suceeded or failed (obviosly, as those are the only two answers in existance) at one time or another, so what do you guys do now to kill the time? I pretty much refuse to go backto actually play.


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LOL Shade. Someone call for an Intervention! *in a room sits Ozzy Ozborne, Nick Nolte, Lawrence Taylor, Scarface, Betty Ford, and Night Shade 12 steppin'!*


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lol Shade...

PWNED by Blizz again are we?

Here, some things to do other than play this awful, horrible, no-good game:
1) Get hooked to Minesweeper (if on a MS OS)
2) Walk outside, there's a whole world out there
3) "Move out of your parent's basement! Have you kissed a girl?" - Bill Shatner's line on Saturday Night Live, which will always be my favorite quote of his.
4) Play a FPS. Any of em. Hell I reinstalled Doom on my comp last year. Not Doom II, DOOM. The ten year old FPS that started it all
5) Every day, take it one day at a time. Call your sponsor.


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i snapped my cd, so theres really no choice, so...yea.

i just rented the suffering for ps2, which is an insane game. scary


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Whatever you do, don't try playing BW.
Although it is a better game you will continuosly run into D2 players that think their softie mf sorc pwnz j00...then you get drawn back eventually...jerks.
Along those lines, ever consider giving up this forum?

I tried teaching myself assembly last time I quit...kept me occupied for about a whole week...
I could live on Blizzard games. I've been addicted to Warcraft and Starcraft as well as Diablo. They are always good to fall back on.

Personally, I can't recommend any games to you, but I have seen several that I'd get if I didn't play Diablo so much. Just pick up a magazine or go to a store... bound to find something nice.


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Don't fight it Nightshade.... come back! You know you want to. Can't you just feel the background music of D2 singing it's sweet siren song every time you look at your computer? That's what your PC is for you know? Playing D2.

Come on....

Just one character...

Surely there's a build you've been thiking about...

<Opens trenchcoat> Here, have some free items... :innocent:


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Seriously though, you could try an untwinked team like KTA just once a week. Think of it as like a TV show that you want to catch, just block out a few hours once a week. That's not so bad. As far as other games goes have you tried Vice City?


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*whispers* "Come back to the dark side* :lol:

Fun games:
NWN and 2 add ons, Dungeon Siege and maybe Sacred.

And thanks Killerxbabe....I do get a kick when someone mentions KTA in his posts ;)


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when we get bored of Diablo II, we play classic Bloodbowl. Not sure how many people have heard of it but man it's fun! can also be addictive though....


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lol - Skunk are you older than I am?

Atari - Tank Battle
Nintendo: Legend of Zelda
Commodore64: Apache
Pre Hard Drive comp models - Pool of Radiance - old version
40 GB HArd Drive Comp Models: Command HQ or Harpoon

Currently the only thing that gets me away from D2 is:
MTG OnLine and Harpoon 3


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Ooohhh Atari.... Joust!!! Dig Dug! If you have an old ColecoVision you could even play Zaxxon!!!!!!

And for you REAL oldschoollers, the old text based adventure games from Infocom were always a pretty addictive kick. Gogo Zork, Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Sorcerer (REZROV door) ahhhhhhh!!!! Maybe even the original Adventurer! XYZZY .... nothing happens.

You can download emulators for all those old console games and play them in their original glory, right on your current PC. Gogo retro!! :yep:

<shuffles back to rocking chair>


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Play Cards on Yahoo! There is a ladder there also, its always PvP based and if you "kill" high lvls you move up faster. its tuff to get high lvls to "duel" you but they cant scan your "gear"!

Ya its a stretch!


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ohh, dungeon siege was fun, until my cd busted and i had to try and d/l a warez version which had corupted files so now i cant even re-instal that game unless i can find a moldy box on the very bottome shelf at wal mart ^_^