Sigh, leap or charge is the question..


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Sigh, leap or charge is the question..

Lets just say i just traded for a 15/13 % superior eth honor lance (175 ed) and it does 479 max dmg. I could do 1 of 3 things with this: charge pally, leap baba or a char utilizing the merc. What do joo think would be the most effective, including leap's secksiness.


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Charger is obviously going to be the most effective, but it lacks style points and excels in lameness.

Leap Attack wins as far as style points are concerned, but it takes a lot of practice and a little bit of luck. You pretty much have to build for the 1-hit kill, whereas with Charge you can namelock and score consecutive hits.

Sorc or TeleNecro with a badarse Merc might be a bit inconsistent but will still get the job done. I'd save this for when (if) the weapon gets down to 1 durability.


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PT makes a good point about waiting until the dura is down to 1.

I gave jaffy crap about this earlier. Leapers are nerfed since .09 and do not have nearly the effectiveness as a charger. You may get secks points but what are you going to kill?

....not to mention you'll have to fight my 30 leaper for leaper rights and that won't end pretty ;)


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Damn you Xey, this is making me want to reinstall D2. Fortunately, I dont have my CDs with me.

I agree with what PT said, personally I'd go leaper because they're fun, but it could be a bit tricky if you dont have any experience with them. I might consider a telesorc, a very fun build, one I made a ways back. Off the top of my head, level 29:
Peasent crown (barring a +2 fire, FCR stat circlet of course)
Spirit sword
CK boots
Angelic ring/Amulet
FCR /stats ring.

Merc of course with the lance, pamythests if needed, rest of the slots with +max.

For skills, important ones are teleport, Eshield if you so choose (I didn't, but it might not be bad)enchant, fire mastry, if you want a more aggressive route, drop a couple in hydras or fireball (you'd be surprised how defensively people play when you lay down a field of level 1 hydras around you, also takes their attention off of the merc.

Teleport and spam attack of your choice, let the merc poke them.



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Thanks for the input..I tried some dmg calculators out, and i dont know if the calculations are right, but with the leaper he was doing 4830 max dmg and the charger was doing 7651 max dmg. IF i got 10x 10 max charms for the baba hed do roughly 5600 dmg. Charge is obviously the ultimate pk skill because of its offensive nature but as mentioned the leaper gets style points. I'll probably try out a charger first and see how i like it. If i end up wanting to make a leaper all the gear will be recyclable. Bladebuckle is teh leet for this build and either sanders or ck boots eh? Rest of the gear i think i know what to aim for.

Edit: Matt install now.


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with no shield i would probably lean towards a string to negate some of the hits you'll be taking. Also, have you tried charging while severely frozen? Have a deaths on hand. If you need to switch to death and are relying on bladebuckle...uh oh.


NightShade said:
Ears are nice...but seks points are what it's all about.
Lies. It's all about the ears. I don't much like ears though... Maybe in a new patch a pk'd character will drop a nose?


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Were I you, and making a leaper I would definitely use sanders for the R/W.. being really fast is fun:)


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they cant pk at all.

and what can they duel?

can't beat a necro (too many options to hit)

can't catch a sorc

can't kill a druid in 1 hit

can't kill a bowazon

so you can kill pallys, kickers, some trappers and javas


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Too many options to hit? Thats a pretty lame excuse I think. Necroes arent known for their amazing killing skills, and the barb could just leap and stunlock everything till he has the necro pinned against a wall and the necros minions would be a screenlengths away. I'm interested in hearing your reasoning behind your theory/verdict.


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when you have a lvl 30 leaper trying to land on a necro who has 10-15 skeles and has casted decrep on you you'll understand.


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to add to the last post since after rereading i didnt really offer a whole lot of insight.

Tele summon necro lvl 27+: This character utilizes a might merc with honor/insight weapon packing quite the punch. With the combination of Amp and a solid iron golem and the stun power of skeles this character has killing power. It also makes it ultimately impossible to hit the necro as he teles the minions create a meat shield for him.

Bone Necro 35+: I say 35 for no particular reason I just think anything under 35 isn't that effective. At 35 this necro has significant hit power per bone spirit and can use a nice combination of decrep/bone prison to detain and slow down his opponent. A leap barb who has been slowed by decrep will not be able to get anywhere near this opponent before having to take 20-30 Bone spirits equallying deeds.

I hope this is a bit more clarification. I've currently got 5 active duelers in the 3x range, including a leap barb and a necro at 45. I am qualified in my opinions :)


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IF I was going to make a lvl 29ish leaper, I'd go eth insight partizan as 1st choice, 2nd would be eth honor martel. Armor would probably be peace for that oh so nice critical (in addition to barb master and ds from wpn = much greater chance for a kill). Basically leapers CANNOT kill any dueler w/out hitting critical.

Dueler wise I'd stay away from mid lvl 2 handed chargers and leapers myself, 1 has not enough chances to kill, other is too easy to kill. I really liked my 29 mauler last season with eth honor lance merc. Druid could more then hold his own in any duel w/out merc but lacked a good punch, which is where merc stepped in. Over 1k pvp potential, several chargers/kickers died to him because they didn't see it coming ;).